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Attractive concrete paving flags and steps with a sophisticated, modern feel

If you’re looking for concrete paving flags with an elegant, contemporary finish, Mayfair Flags are an excellent choice.

Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates, Mayfair Flags and accompanying steps have a hard-wearing, durable surface and come in five vibrant colours – Graphite, Sandstone, Silver, Rose and Russet.

Ideal for busy pedestrianised areas, courtyards, retail developments and other commercial and residential projects, these popular concrete paving flags have many benefits to offer.

Product specifications
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Mayfair Flags GraphiteGraphite
Mayfair Flags RoseRose
Mayfair Flags RussetRusset
Mayfair Flags SandstoneSandstone
Mayfair Flags SilverSilver
Mayfair Flags GraphiteGraphite
Mayfair Flags RoseRose
Mayfair Flags RussetRusset
Mayfair Flags SandstoneSandstone
Mayfair Flags SilverSilver

Mayfair Flags are available in a range of size options. Please see our specification sheet for more details.

Complementary paving and kerbs

You can use Mayfair Flags with Tegula Setts & Circles, Sienna Setts & Circles, Sienna block paving, Pedesta block paving and Fusion block paving to create a range of attractive paving patterns and borders.

Our Mayfair concrete paving flags blend beautifully with a variety of our popular kerbs: Kerbsett, Kerbstone, Kerb Large and Country Kerb & Edge.


tobermore fusion silver sienna setts graphite mayfair flags sandstone silver seamus heaney homeplace bellaghy

Our commitment to the environment

Mayfair Flags are made in the UK with locally sourced materials. Renewable energy and water collected from our on-site rainwater harvesting system are used in all our products. Mayfair Flags are 100% recyclable.

Discover more…Scroll down for more product specification information, download the product brochure here or get in touch to discuss your specific needs with a Tobermore advisor.

Permeable Paving
version available
tobermore hydropave mayfair slabs graphite

Hydropave Mayfair Flags

version available
Tobermore Airclean Mayfair Flags Silver

AirClean® Mayfair Flags

Product Specifications

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Product Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Colours Carbon Footprint
Mayfair Flags 600 600 50 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver 19-22 kg CO2/m2
600 400 50 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver, Rose, Russet 19-22 kg CO2/m2
450 450 70 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver 30-32 kg CO2/m2
450 450 50 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver 19-22 kg CO2/m2
450 450 35 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver 14-15 kg CO2/m2
400 400 40 Graphite, Sandstone, Silver, Rose, Russet 16-17 kg CO2/m2
400 400 65 Graphite, Silver, Sandstone 24-30 kg CO2/m2
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BS EN 1339:2003

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Hard Wearing
Surface Layer

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100% Renewable
Energy Used

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100% Harvested
Water Used

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100% Recyclable


Mayfair Paving Flags
: 45 - 20 - 64 / 395

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