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Now there’s an easy way to plan your retaining wall project – right from your web browser.

Secura Create is a free online tool that allows you to generate preliminary retaining wall designs for your project. It also automatically produces elevation views, cross sections and product quantities required. This tool is perfect for Groundworkers who are at the estimation stage of their retaining wall project. Draw out your retaining wall design. Receive a breakdown quantity of products needed including Secura blocks, geogrids and backfill material.

How it works

  1. Register for a free account to create full reports and save your projects for future reference or revisions
  2. Depending on wall height, choose between Secura Grand or Secura Lite
  3. Draw out a plan view of your retaining wall onto virtual graph paper
  4. Input grades for the top and bottom of wall at each point
  5. Automatically generate an elevation view, cross sections and quantities in a professional report

Not sure of site elevations? Use simple mode which assumes that the bottom wall elevation remains constant.

Generate preliminary retaining wall designs in minutes – try Secura Create today!

Please note: Secura Create is for preliminary feasibility and estimation purposes only. Secura Create should not be used for bidding or construction. Always use an engineer to conduct a final design prior to bidding or construction.