Tobermore’s versatile NBS library has products to suit every project, including paving blocks, paving slabs, permeable paving, facing bricks, retaining walls, kerbs and edging.

By listing products on NBS Source, Tobermore provides specifiers with the high-quality product information needed, in a detailed and structured format. Product specification data is provided in the format needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Tobermore’s product listings feature the ‘enhanced data’ badge, which means the data meets rigorous NBS standards, with consistent properties and values, performance criteria and certification.

Third party verified EPD’s are also available to download on NBS, allowing Specifiers to compare the environmental impact of different products and make informed decisions about which products to specify for their projects. 

Tobermore BIM objects are also hosted on NBS. BIM objects can be employed for visualisations, setting out and costing purposes during the design and construction stages. Specifiers can use our BIM assets to create detailed digital representations of the area with multi-disciplinary data included.

In summary, BIM provides specifiers, engineers and contractors, the opportunity to make better decisions, improve collaboration and optimise workflow.

Check out our product library on NBS, to discover product specification data, add products to specifications and download free BIM objects in whatever format you require.