The Tobermore Difference

At Tobermore, we take pride in the outstanding performance of our products. Our continual investment in innovative technologies and people, has resulted in high performance products and market-leading solutions. It is this commitment which differentiates Tobermore.

Responsible Manufacturing

We care about our impact on the global environment, so we invest in a robust programme of continuous environmental improvement including reducing the use of plastic waste and using renewable energy throughout our manufacturing processes.

PrimeTop is the high performance feature which differentiates Tobermore from standard concrete paving. Tobermore’s PrimeTop is manufactured with a premium, hard-wearing surface layer which adds significant performance benefits .

Hard-wearing Surface

The PrimeTop surface layer has a dense composition of finer aggregates, hard sand and a higher percentage of cement. This hardened surface layer has enhanced strength and increased resistance to wear and tear, for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Aesthetic appeal & enhanced weathering

The PrimeTop surface layer contains a high concentration of pigment creating vibrant colour and exceptional UV performance, leading to enhanced weathering properties.

Tobermore PrimeTop is renowned for its superior long-term retention of colour and visual appeal.

We produce two different material mixes; the PrimeTop layer and a robust base layer formulated for optimum structural performance. Both layers are formed simultaneously, producing an inseparable bond that stands the test of time.

  • More Cement
    More Cement
  • More Pigment
    More Pigment
  • Finer Aggregates
    Finer Aggregates
  • Excellent wear resistance
    Excellent wear resistance
  • Refined over 25 years
    Refined over 25 years
  • Superior frost resistance
    Superior frost resistance
  • Long lasting colour
    Long lasting colour

Combatting efflorescence

Every aspect of our product’s performance is researched and optimised to provide an excellent long-lasting appearance. In respect to the challenge of efflorescence, we have invested in manufacturing technology which enables us to produce virtually efflorescence free paving.

Efflorescence is perhaps the single biggest problem encountered with decorative concrete paving products. The cause of efflorescence is simply a chemical reaction between the cement in the concrete and rainwater causing the formation of calcium carbonate. This white, crystalline substance stains the surface and spoils the appearance of the paving.

In the Tobermore manufacturing process, we cure our products in a warm vapour atmosphere for 12 hours, which ensures that efflorescence is dramatically reduced. Moreover, the vapour curing also enhances the colour, improves the strength and cures the products much faster, allowing products to be used almost immediately.

Vapour Cured

The Ef-Stop protection includes an intense vapour curing process. Vapour penetrates to the core of the paver.

ServiceSure is Tobermore’s unique package of customer service benefits developed to ensure an efficient, consistent and streamlined experience. This unbeatable, seamless service follows your project from initial enquiry to delivery and beyond, keeping you fully informed at every stage.

  • NBS<br>Plus & Create
    Plus & Create
  • BIM Level 2
    BIM Level 2
  • Design Services
    Design Services
Delivery excellence

Delivery excellence

You can trust Tobermore to fulfil your order on time and in full as agreed. This industry leading service is proven week in week out and for the past 5 years, we have achieved outstanding delivery performance with 99.3% of orders on time and in full.

Easy Spec

Easy Spec

Our specification team is on hand across the UK and Ireland to support you with technical advice, design support and samples. Tobermore’s comprehensive website provides additional access to useful information. This is backed up by a package of the industry’s leading specification tools including NBS Plus/Create and BIM level 2.

Fast Quote

Fast Quote

We always turn around quotes within one working day.

Intelligent Ordering

Intelligent Ordering

Every order placed with Tobermore is sense checked on receipt by one of our trusted advisors who will liaise with you directly to ensure quantity, format and delivery details are right first time. All orders will receive an Order Confirmation with clear product and pricing information.

Unrivalled availability

Unrivalled availability

With more stock on the ground and a faster turnaround on batch controlled orders we offer market leading availability on a full range of paving and walling products. Because we manufacture everything on one site we can combine mixed product loads for customer friendly logistics.

Work with us on your next commercial or residential paving and landcsaping project and benefit from our ServiceSure promise.
Get in touch with your project details and our specification team will get the ball rolling to understand your requirements and discuss product selection and specification.

Download our New Paving & Walling Specification Guide

The new Tobermore Specification guide is an invaluable tool, now available for those tasked with sourcing the very best in paving and walling products.