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Benefits of choosing Braemar as an alternative to natural granite

By Craig McBride
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Tobermore’s Braemar Range

Tobermore’s Braemar block paving and flag range is manufactured with natural aggregates that emulate the distinct aesthetics of natural granite.

Natural stone is often an expensive and out of reach option, however as a genuine concrete alternative Braemar meets both the aesthetic and quality expectations of natural stone, within budget.

The beauty of Braemar lies not only in its cost-effectiveness but its versatility. The product is available in two different textures, four size options and four striking colours. Braemar is manufactured as both a block paving and flag product. The design possibilities with Braemar are endless and will add real value to projects by fulfilling aesthetic and design aspirations while exceeding technical requirements.

 Benefits of choosing Braemar as an alternative to natural granite

  • Low Cost – Lower in cost by square foot than natural stone.
  • Hard-wearing surface layer – Tobermore’s block paving and paving flag products undergo a special manufacturing process to produce products with a hard-wearing surface layer called PrimeTop. This layer dramatically improves the strength and durability of the products and improves colour retention.
  • Installation time – Less time consuming to install than natural stone.
  • Experience – Tobermore’s 75+ years of concrete experience is used to ensure that Braemar is of the highest quality and consistency.
  • Reduced efflorescence – Braemar products are cured using Tobermore’s unique steam vapour curing system which significantly reduces the chance of efflorescence occurring by 95%.
  • Reduced carbon footprint –Braemar is made in the UK, at Tobermore’s state of the art factory in Northern Ireland, reducing the environmental downsides of shipping natural stone from the other side of the world.
  • Immediate availability – Readily available with a much shorter lead time than natural stone.

To find out more about Braemar visit our dedicated Braemar page here.

Products Used: Braemar Ground & Ground Textured Alto Silver, Sienna Setts GraphiteKerb Large Charcoal


Products Used: Country Stone Slate, Braemar Ground Alto SilverSienna Setts Graphite.




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Craig McBride

Craig has been working with Tobermore for over 20 years. As Technical and Product Training Manager, Craig carries a wealth of knowledge about Tobermore products and technical information.