• How do I cut Artro blocks? 

    Artro blocks should be cut using a masonry saw or bench mounted water-cooled power saw to create the best appearance. Individual blocks should not be cut to less than a quarter of the original size. The use of inboard cutting should be used to ensure structural performance.

  • What laying patterns can Artro be installed in? 

    The laying pattern specified is important especially where there is vehicular traffic. Artro can be installed in stretcher bond pattern or herringbone pattern. For areas receiving frequent vehicular traffic, we would recommend herringbone pattern as it is the strongest at resisting the forces of vehicles braking and turning.

  • How can Artro be installed? 

    The most cost-effective way to install  Artro is flexibly on a sand bed with close joints  (2-5mm) filled with kiln-dried silica jointing sand.

    Artro can also be installed rigidly with open mortar joints >6mm on a mortar bed.

  • How do you joint Artro? 

    When installed flexibly with close joints 2-5mm kiln-dried silica jointing sand should be used. High powered suction cleaners should not be allowed onto newly installed areas of flexible paving until the jointing sand has self-stabilised.

    When installing rigidly (open joints >6mm) a mortar jointing material should be used.

  • What is  Artro? 

    Artro is a new trafficable paving range providing the option of vehicular access in commercial, public realm or residential projects.  Reflecting the trend for linear styling in contemporary paving, each option is manufactured with our proven PrimeTop  technology, providing both the aesthetics and performance required by discerning landscape designers

  • What size of pack does  Artro come in? 

    Per Bale = 6.776m2
    Per Slice = 0.847m2
    Weight per Bale = 1266kgs

  • What is Artro laid on? 

    When installed flexibly it should be installed on a sand bed  25- 40mm compacted thickness in accordance with BS7533 Part  3 : Code of Practice for Laying Precast Concrete Paving Blocks for Flexible Pavements.

    When installed rigidly it should be installed on a mortar bed in accordance with BS 7533 Part 7.

  • What traffic loading can Artro accommodate? 

    Artro is suitable for pedestrians, cars and commercial vehicles when the sub-base has been designed correctly by an engineer to BS 7533.

  • What finishes and colour options are available in Artro?  

    Choose from either the cool or the warm side of  Artro’s  colour palette.

    Artro’s  Cool  Palette range  plays a modern note in contemporary settings with strong lines and a cool palette of greys to enhance the hard landscaping in both new builds and re-purposed projects.

    Choose from 4 cool greys and tailor the look with the option of rigid joining with >6mm spacing or sand jointing with Artro’s built-in 3mm spacer.

    Alternatively, select from the warm side of  Artro’s  palette to create a sense of quality and authenticity in traditional surroundings.  Lay in a herringbone pattern to re-create the aesthetic appeal of European clay pavers and benefit from its modern, trafficable performance.

    Artro’s warm palette tones are the perfect match for hard landscaping around traditional buildings and are typically laid with sanding joining between the built-in 3mm spacer.

  • What  projects are suitable for  Artro?

    The combination of design and performance enables  Artro to be applied to a vast range of applications,  regardless of scale and complexity.

    By fully utilising the colour, laying pattern and jointing material options, Artro  can strike the right style in commercial, retail, housing, and public realm applications.

    Artro  is perfect for both traditional and contemporary projects.

    Artro  is manufactured  with Tobermore’s  PrimeTop technology  – therefore containing additional colour pigmentation, plus a  hard wearing  surface layer  making it ideal for busy city traffic or for use in prime commercial applications.

  • Can  I lay  Artro  on my driveway?

    Yes, Artro is a trafficable paving product and is ideal for driveway installations.   Artro is manufactured with Tobermore’s PrimeTop technology – therefore containing additional colour pigmentation, plus a hardwearing surface layer making it ideal for trafficable areas.

  • Is  Artro  suitable for my patio?  

    Yes, Artro is perfect for domestic patios as well as driveway installations.

    Choose from either the warm or cool side or Artro’s  colour palette to create either a  traditional  or contemporary style to complement your home.

    Moreover, you can lay Artro in either a linear or  herringbone paving pattern  allowing you to explore multiple design patterns.