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Tobermore Signs The Pallet LOOP Charter

By Megan Reid
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At Tobermore, we’re always working to mitigate the impact our operations have on the environment. A part of this is our commitment to reducing our consumption of single-use pallets. In support of this goal, we are delighted to announce that we have signed The Pallet LOOP charter. 

The Pallet LOOP’s aim is to eliminate avoidable pallet waste in the construction industry by incentivising pallet returns via a cost-effective, easy-to-use, deposit-based system. 

What The Pallet LOOP means for the construction industry 

Every year more than 18 million pallets are produced and supplied around the UK construction industry, with less than 10% being reused. The majority of pallets in use throughout the sector are engineered for single use only. This is clearly an unsustainable approach and the reason why The Pallet LOOP is a solution we’re keen to support. 

David Henderson, Managing Director, and owner of Tobermore said: “At Tobermore we are continuously looking for ways to lower our impact on the environment. The Pallet LOOP supports our continued efforts to achieve the highest standard of environmental performance in every aspect of the business.”  

How The Pallet LOOP works

The Pallet LOOP aims to make the use of pallets more sustainable in six simple steps:  

  1. Building material manufacturers pay a deposit per pallet (plus an issue fee) to The Pallet LOOP Ltd. 
  2. The distinctive green pallets are delivered to the manufacturer’s site, ready for loading/onward distribution. 
  3. As the pallets move through the supply chain, the deposit passes from manufacturer to merchant to builder.
  4. Once materials reach their final destination, the pallets should be stacked and stored ready for collection.
  5. Registered users can book a pallet pickup slot via The Pallet LOOP website, app or by phone. 
  6. In as little as 72 hours later, the pallets will be picked up, looped back into the system, and the deposit refunded. 

Phil Dent, CEO at The Pallet LOOP, said: “With sustainability now top of the agenda for most companies across the construction industry, the launch of The Pallet LOOP is incredibly timely – and we’ve been having some very productive conversations. The last year has seen a tangible shift in the way we all think about the environment. Business and consumers now recognise what needs to be done to get climate change under control.” 

Tobermore is dedicated to meeting environmental targets set for the construction industry. Signing The Pallet LOOP Charter is another initiative we have taken in a bid to support the circular economy.

Read more about our Sustainability commitments here. 

Commitment to Sustainability

Discover more about Tobermore's commitment to manufacturing responsibly by achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its business operations.

Megan Reid

Megan is the Commercial Marketing Executive at Tobermore. Her role is to assist the Commercial Marketing Manager when delivering successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and support sales within the professional market.