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Turning land restoration commitments into action at Tobermore’s quarry

By Niamh Cavanagh
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Tobermore commits to planting up to 10,000 trees per year.

In another stride towards a more sustainable future, Tobermore has partnered with Scottish Woodlands to fulfil our ambition of planting up to 10,000 trees per year at Lough Fea quarry.

Responsible manufacturing and protecting the environment are a core part of the company’s philosophy, and a key part of this is the restoration of land at the quarry. By restoring old gravel areas at Lough Fea, Tobermore seeks to help decarbonise the environment as part of our Carbon Net Zero strategy.

Adding a land strip with a new layer of top soil, Tobermore carefully selected trees that sequester carbon with expert assistance from our partners at Scottish Woodlands. The company has initially planted 2,970 trees over the 2.28ha area, comprising Alders, Scots Pines, Sessile Oaks, Rowans, and Wild Cherry trees. These trees will not only help safeguard the environment, they will help enhance the natural beauty of Lough Fea’s surroundings.

In a few short weeks, staff at the quarry were pleased to report that the new trees were thriving and had already grown 100mm. Protecting the environment at Tobermore is a priority, not an afterthought.


David Henderson, MD at Tobermore, commented:

“As a company, we were delighted to partner once again with our friends at Scottish Woodlands to carry out this important sustainability work at Lough Fea quarry. The business constantly strives to put in place measures to safeguard the environment and the 2,970 trees planted to restore unused land at the quarry are just the beginning of an ambitious strategy to plant up to 10,000 trees a year at the site. I am proud of the team’s efforts in completing this vital work.”


Commitment to Sustainability

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Niamh Cavanagh

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