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Tobermore invests in Sustainable Lighting

By David McAllister
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Responsible paving and walling manufacturer, Tobermore, has invested £34k into the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting across their sites. 

Tobermore is committed to reducing their carbon footprint where possible. By switching from fluorescent/metal halide lighting to LED lighting in each of their 10 factories and quarry, Tobermore has implemented a quick way to reduce their overall CO2 emissions. Retrofitting the exterior and interior lighting at their facilities has also created a much brighter working environment for operatives. 

LEDs can use approximately 50% less power when compared to traditional lighting sources. LED technology is a readily available and easily actionable solution to dramatically lower carbon.  

With soaring energy prices and global emissions rising at unprecedented levels, companies and households alike are transitioning to energy-efficient LED lighting.  Tobermore leads by example in taking immediate climate action. 

According to The Climate Group, lighting accounts for nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions. It has been projected that a global switch to LED lighting could save over 1,400 million tonnes of CO2 and avoid the construction of 1,250 power stations.  

David Henderson, Managing Director of Tobermore, commented:

“Sustainability is of the utmost importance at Tobermore. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Rolling out £34k of LED lighting within our production facilities was a no brainer. The energy-efficient lighting will reduce our CO2 emissions while saving money on our energy bills. LED lighting is a win-win for businesses and households alike, I would encourage more people to make the switch.”

Tobermore continue to reduce our Carbon Footprint in the following ways:  

  • 100% of electricity produced from our 250kW wind turbine is used during our production process.  
  • We have over 1,250 solar panels installed producing 38,950.90 kWhr per annum.  
  • We have reduced our production waste to landfill to zero through a process of continual improvement in production efficiency and the 100% recycling of manufacturing residue.  
  • 100% of the water used in the production of our products comes from our rainwater harvesting system and our own bore hole.  
  • We have invested in more sustainable product packaging. The 100% recyclable polyethylene film contains 30% recycled material. By using recycled material, we have decreased waste and reduced our packaging-related carbon footprint by 20%.” 

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Commitment to Sustainability

Discover more about Tobermore's commitment to manufacturing responsibly by achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its business operations.

David McAllister

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