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Exploring some of our most memorable public realm projects 

By Stephanie Bennett
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Tobermore prides itself in fostering strong working relationships with local authorities across a multitude of public realm projects. Below are a few examples of some noteworthy collaborations. Let’s take a look! 

Leeds Public Transport Investment Program (LPTIP) 

Client: Leeds City Council 

Products used: Braemar Block Paving – Alto Silver & Jura Grey  

West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Council invested millions of pounds into a “people-first infrastructure” to make travelling around the city easier, quicker, and greener. The goal of the project was to create a world-class public space and arrival gateway to the city centre for trains, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists.  

Tobermore supplied quality paving products to the landmark Headrow Gateway and sections of the Corn Exchange Gateway. The £20m+ scheme has strengthened the provision for sustainable transport modes in the city centre and the wider Leeds district. The Headrow has undergone a remarkable transformation, now serving as a focal point for buses while also introducing dedicated public areas, expanded walkways, and improved cycling lanes. These enhancements ensure smoother navigation through the city centre, promoting accessibility and fostering a more vibrant urban environment. 

Wolverhampton Public Realm  

Client: Wolverhampton City Council  

Products used: Fusion Block Paving– Graphite & Silver, Manhattan Plank Block Paving -Silver, Fusion Kerb, Tactile Flags 

With more than £1 billion of public and private investment, Wolverhampton City underwent a stunning transformation with the help of Tobermore.  

Tobermore’s innovative hard landscaping solutions, including the versatile Fusion block paving and stylish Manhattan plank paving, were strategically chosen for installation across 13 key streets within the city. Complemented by our Kerbs and tactile flags, these installations not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also fostered a contemporary ambiance, breathing new life into the urban landscape. 

Camberwell Regeneration    

Client: Southwark Council 

Products used: City Pave VS5 Interlocking Block Paving- Mid Grey & Silver 

For the Camberwell Regeneration initiative, Southwark Council sought a resilient product capable of enduring the frequent traffic and pedestrian activity in the area.  

Tobermore rose to the challenge, delivering the ideal solution with City Pave VS5—an interlocking block paving solution featuring shift protection on all five sides, ensuring maximum stability. This sleek and contemporary solution not only imparts a modern aesthetic to the urban landscape but also enhances durability. To inject a touch of uniqueness, City Pave was specified in two distinct colours, adding an element of individuality to the revitalised space. 

tobermore city pave vs5 silver mid grey charcoal camberwell regeneration southwark

Bedlinog Square 

Client: Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council 

Products used: Fusion Block Paving – Silver, Fusion Kerb, Granite Step Unit 

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council headed the plans to regenerate Bedlinog Square in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, in 2015. The construction contract for the £300,000 project, which was part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, was awarded to Alun Griffiths. 

As a public realm initiative, the choice of hard landscaping materials was a significant factor in achieving the desired aesthetics for the scheme. Already familiar with the quality paving and walling range available at Tobermore, Alun Griffiths had trust in Tobermore products. The contractor was not disappointed as Tobermore provided a full paving, kerb and step solution that created an attractive, modern look at Bedlinog Square. 

Castlerock Seafront 

Client: Coleraine Borough Council  

Product: Sienna Silver & Graphite 

Over a comprehensive four-year regeneration project in the picturesque coastal town of Castlerock, significant efforts were directed towards enhancing its iconic seafront. Tobermore’s Sienna block paving emerged as a standout choice, with its sparkling granite aggregate finish that perfectly complemented the seaside locale. The installation of these paving blocks revitalised the aesthetic appeal of the area. Tobermore’s Sienna block paving created an attractive hard landscaping accompaniment to the seaside location.  

If you want to see more Tobermore Public Realm projects, be sure to check out our project page today! 

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