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What Makes Tobermore Paving & Walling Eco-Friendly?

By Niamh Cavanagh
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As the construction industry becomes more and more focused on green, sustainable product solutions, it can often be ambiguous as to what exactly makes products eco-friendly.

Well Tobermore paving and walling products achieve their eco-friendly status from the large percentage of recycled content they are comprised of. This involves waste concrete material, which usually comes from damaged or imperfect concrete product units that will go unused, undergoing a crushing process. This is a relatively simple procedure. As the waste material is crushed, it is condensed into recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) as a partial replacement for primary aggregates.

Following the removal of any contaminants via a screening process whereby the recycled concrete aggregate is graded based on the size and quality of the aggregates, the aggregates that pass are then used to form products that promise an equal performance level and all the aesthetic detail and beauty of non eco-friendly equivalents.

Our paving and walling ranges are produced via a variety of additional green manufacturing methods on site – a rainwater harvesting system where 100% of the recycled water is used in product manufacturing, solar panels on the factory roofs and a 250KW wind turbine allows products to be produced with renewable electrical energy.

Have a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility Brochure for more information on the eco-friendly production and delivery processes in place at Tobermore.

Commitment to Sustainability

Discover more about Tobermore's commitment to manufacturing responsibly by achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its business operations.

Niamh Cavanagh

Niamh is a Digital Marketing Executive at Tobermore. She is involved in the development, implementation, and optimisation of Tobermore's Digital Marketing efforts for both the Commercial and Consumer markets.