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Ask Tobermore – How To Use Secura Lite Retaining Walls

In this week’s Ask Tobermore Blog, we discuss how to use Tobermore Secura Lite Retaining Walls for curved and raised planting areas.

Question: As part of the landscaping on our next development we want to incorporate some curved, raised planting areas.

Can this be achieved using Tobermore’s Secura Lite retaining wall system?


  • Suitable for up to 960mm

Secura Lite blocks can be used up to 960mm high, making them the perfect solution for raised planting areas.

For situations where a small retaining wall is required, Secura Lite is the perfect solution. Unlike crib systems or standard concrete blocks, these retaining wall blocks have a shape that can be easily designed and built into curved retaining walls.

Secura Lite Bracken

  • Mortar free dry method

Secura Lite is built using a simple, mortar-free, dry method. Once the area behind the wall has been excavated, only a concrete foundation is required. Additionally, no wet trades are involved in the construction of the wall. With no mortar drying times to delay installation, constant progress can be achieved. Furthermore, Secura retaining walls require less skilled trades, saving both time and money.

Secura Lite Slate

  • Customer Service

When placing a Secura Lite order, Housebuilders will have access to Tobermore’s customer service package, ServiceSure. This bespoke package follows a project from initial enquiry to delivery and beyond, with regular updates provided. Additionally, Secura Lite blocks are manufactured on a single site, with higher stock levels than the industry average, ready to be delivered to housebuilders in full and on time, without a long lead time.

Secura Lite in Bracken

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Secura is a retaining wall range which provides an effective solution for any type of application. Not only does Secura prevent sloping site issues and create a more efficient use of land, but the mortar-free product is cost-effective and provides a fast and easy installation process.

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About the Author: Craig McBride

Craig has been working with Tobermore for over 20 years. As Technical and Product Training Manager, Craig carries a wealth of knowledge about Tobermore products and technical information.

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