Manufacturing world class paving & walling products

We make all our concrete products in the UK using aggregates from our own quarry and import only the best materials, so you can be satisfied with the quality and traceability of our products.

The quality of our product is second to none.

Many of our block paving and paving flag products undergo a special manufacturing process to produce products with a hard-wearing surface layer, PrimeTop. This PrimeTop layer dramatically improves the strength and durability of the products and improves colour retention. So not only can you rely on the longevity of Tobermore products, including those installed in heavy-duty environments, but you can also be sure that they will continue to look their best for years to come.

Serving the domestic & commercial landscaping market

Manufacturing world class paving & walling products

We have sourced the most advanced manufacturing machines available.

We use a world class manufacturing plant from Germany, so we can create the best quality European-style paving right here in the UK. We use 100% renewable energy and rainwater during manufacturing and deploy a vapour curing process referred to as Ef-Stop to virtually eliminate efflorescence.

We continue to invest in the best technology available.

In order to maintain the standards of excellence that we set ourselves, and to continue to offer our customers new and exciting paving and walling products.

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At Tobermore, we take pride in the outstanding performance of our products.

Our continual investment in innovative technologies and people, has resulted in high performance products and market-leading solutions.