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Technical excellence lies at the core of Tobermore’s segmental Retaining Wall system – Secura.

Tobermore has engineered every aspect of Secura to provide total assurance and maximum time and cost efficiency for the specifier.

Secura is a mortarless retaining wall, engineered for simple and efficient on-site construction, reducing the need for wet trades or specialist plant.

Secura is the right choice for a vast range of applications, from gravity walls used in residential projects to larger commercial retaining walls up to 9m. Secura Grand geogrid reinforced walls are BBA HAPAS approved for use in highways and bridges.

The perfect retaining wall solution

The Secura product range includes three blended colour options. The attractive stone finish and colour options enables architects and landscape designers to blend the retaining wall structure into attractive landscaping schemes.

Secura Lite is ideal for gravity walls up to 880mm retained height. Secura Grand is capable of builds up to 9m retained height.

Secura Wall Design Service

Tobermore offers a fully indemnified Secura Wall design service for specifiers and installers to ensure the correct retaining wall solution for every project. For more information on this service please email

Design support
By offering full technical support including the option of certified structural designs, we are ready to support you throughout your project.
Secura adapts from gravity walls of up to 1m retained height and two installation options capable of producing retaining walls up to 9m high.
Secura adapts easily to a wide variety of layouts enabling curves, corners, steps and terraces to be built using the same simple component range and process.
Cost effective
Specifying Secura comes with a number of cost benefits, including reduced man-hours, efficient use of land and eliminating the need for secondary rendering or painting on-site.
Support is just an email or phone call away and our team are available on the ground. Secura is manufactured and stocked in the UK using locally-sourced materials for efficient delivery to site.

Why Secura?

Secura's innovative segmental block format delivers many benefits in addition to its core functionality.
BenefitsSecura GrandMasonryReinforced concrete wallGabion wallCrib Wall
Attractive stone finish
Mortarless option
Maintenance free
Speed of construction
Cost effective
Simplicity on-site
Reduced efflorescence

Useful Online Tools & Resources

See Secura in action

See what can be achieved on your project with Secura retaining walls.

Instructional Videos

Geogrid Reinforced Wall - Installation Animation

Gravity Wall - Installation Guide

No Fines Concrete Backfill Wall - Installation Guide

Secura Lite Instructional Video

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