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Latches Close is an area of social housing built circa 2010. To the rear of the houses there was a 200-year-old masonry wall. The brick wall was built directly on top of soil with no concrete footing. Due to this, over time the wall became unstable and dangerous. Tobermore’s Secura Grand Retaining Wall was used to strengthen and stabilise the wall.

Clarion Housing Group
Curtins Consulting Engineers
Butler Groundworks
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Secura Grand

The Challenge

Failing retaining wall needed to be stabilised and strengthened.

The failing masonry wall, to the rear of Latches Close Social Housing, was braced with timber struts and remained like this for 10 years. The ‘temporary’ buttress was effective for a short time but then the wall began to move. The brick retaining wall had fractured at the corner which was a sign it was slowly inching forward. For fear of the wall’s collapse, the surrounding area was cordoned off with heras fencing. For health and safety reasons, the rear of the social housing was completely ‘out of bounds’.

The wall couldn’t be taken down and replaced because there was a car sales elevated above. The car sales proprietor did not want his land to be affected. Clarion Housing Group contacted Engie to survey the failing wall and propose a solution.


The Solution

Secura Grand was installed under the expert advice of Tobermore’s Civil Engineering Consultants.

Engie had previously worked with Tobermore on other schemes and had experience using their Secura Grand Retaining Wall system. Following consultations with Tobermore’s Civil Engineering Consultants, Engie proposed Secura Grand as a solution to strengthen and stabilise the existing wall.

Rather than replacing the entire wall, the existing wall and its timber buttress was incorporated into the retaining wall designs. This retaining wall project has restored land for the residents and property managers.

"We were confident in choosing Secura Grand retaining walls from Tobermore as we have used the system in the past. Secura is a cost-effective retention solution which performs well and looks fantastic. The free technical support provided by Tobermore on the complex Latches Close project was a great help. Tobermore has a wealth of experience and the solutions which they put forward were spot on. We worked closely with Tobermore and their consultants throughout project delivery. Engie will certainly continue to use Secura Retaining Walls in the future."

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