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Belmont Hall

Antrim housing development showcases Tobermore facing brick



Facing Bricks & Walling

Located in Antrim with full site completion expected in 2028/29. Belmont Hall is a well-established development in the area. 

With easy access to the M2 and situated within close proximity to local schools, leisure facilities and shopping, Belmont is an ideal place to live. This environmentally sensitive development also offers immediate access to a range of parks, walkways and playing fields. 

The Challenge 

To create a unique and environmentally conscious housing development that was sympathetic to its natural surroundings. 

Belmont Hall aimed to establish itself as a relaxed and environmentally conscious development, paying homage to its natural surroundings, particularly the picturesque Six Mile Water River.  

The procurement of a diverse range of facing brick in strong vibrant colours was a top priority for Antrim Construction Company . The goal was to offer homes with a range of finishes, fostering a sense of individuality and departure from uniformity.  

Another important consideration for this project was budget. When compared to clay brick, Tobermore Facing Brick was far more competitive. In addition to this, the availability of stock ensured prompt delivery to meet tight project timelines. 

The Solution

A unique development was achieved by utilising Tobermore Country Stone walling alongside Tobermore Kingston and Lansdowne facing brick ranges. 

To guarantee that Belmont Hall respected the natural environment that surrounds it, collaborating with a company committed to minimising environmental impact was paramount. Tobermore has consistently upheld responsible manufacturing practices aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of its operations. Comprehensive and reliable environmental performance data is readily available for all Tobermore products. These Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) undergo independent verification to ensure the accuracy of each product’s environmental performance. 

Antrim Construction Company (ACC) created a distinctive development for the significant 400 house site by incorporating a variety of colours of Tobermore facing brick in both Lansdowne and Kingston ranges, along with Slate Country Stone walling. After considering clay and various concrete alternatives, ACC chose Tobermore due to the quality product and range of colours available. 

The use of vibrant shades Cottage Red, Golden, Charcoal and Slate amplified individuality in this project through the complementary contrast of colour. Additionally, the utilisation of various finishes of facing brick further enhanced the development’s character. Initially unaware of Tobermore Country Stone, the client expressed interest in incorporating a split stone product into their project. Following an on-site visit and discussions with the Antrim Construction Sales and Marketing department, Tobermore was able to provide a quote alongside a sample panel of products on site. As a result, the company decided to include Country Stone Walling alongside Tobermore Facing Bricks.  

Tobermore was able to offer Antrim Construction Company a competitive price point, promise of availability and an unrivalled customer service throughout the project.  

"Founded in 1966, Antrim Construction Company Ltd is a family run housebuilder who believes in using only quality products on all our developments. Over the years, we have continually adapted to changing regulations, environments, and the needs of our new home buyers. To accomplish this, we search the market for the best products available and that’s the reason we chose Tobermore. Carrying out extensive market research on price, availability, and service, Tobermore is one of the companies at the top of our list for preferred suppliers. They provide us with a first-class product, have a great range of colours within their facing bricks, and service and delivery are second to none. As a construction company, our needs vary from day-to-day and if we require a delivery more urgently than our normal delivery times, their sales staff will do their utmost to help achieve delivery dates. Tobermore’s technical support has also been a great help over the years when it comes to looking into new products for us on new developments and we are more than happy to recommend them to anyone."

Rodney Allen - Surveying Manager, Antrim Construction Company

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