• Can Tobermore block paving be installed on a podium deck?

    Yes, Tobermore block paving can be installed on a podium deck in both bound and unbound installation methods.

    Permeable paving can be installed on a podium deck when bedded on a 6mm grit.

  • Is there a minimum depth of flags that can be used on a roof terrace or balcony? 

    Please note flags on pedestals are not covered under any British Standard. We recommend 40mm depth for small private balconies and 50mm depth for larger roof terraces, gardens and podiums. 

  • What pedestals or paving supports are compatible with Tobermore flags?

    Pedestals and paving supports from all leading suppliers are compatible with Tobermore flags. Contact our technical team for more information technical@tobermore.co.uk 

  • What is the fire resistance for Tobermore flags used on roof terraces and balconies?

    Concrete paving blocks and flags used as roof covering are deemed to satisfy the requirements for external fire performance without the need for testing. Refer to the relevant sections in BS 1339 and 1338. 

  • Why use Tobermore Flags on balconies and roof terraces?

    We’ve listed a few reasons why Tobermore flags are ideal for laying on balconies and roof terraces.

    • Laying flags on pedestals is quick 
    • Very little equipment or materials required 
    • No aggregates or sand need to be lifted onto a roof 
    • Clean install with no mortar or sand 
    • Flags on pedestals will be the least expensive option 
    • Flags can be lifted to access the roof or work at services 
    • Flags are easy to maintain and can easily be replaced after 10 years if needed