• Why does Secura Grand have two voids in the block?

    The voids make the block lighter and easier to lift and construct on site. The voids are also filled with 10mm single size drainage aggregate to provide extra stability and improve drainage.

  • What is the degree of set back for Secura Grand?

    Secura Grand has a 7 degree set back which is automatically created by the nib as the blocks are stacked.

  • What is geogrid reinforcement?

    Geogrid is a high strength geosynthetic mesh material used to reinforce soils. Geogrids are available in various strengths and come in rolls. For all Secura Retaining walls designed and built to BBA requirements Huesker Fortrac geogrids must be used.

  • What is a Gravity Wall?

    A gravity wall is a wall which relies on its weight to retain the soil behind it. The weight of the blocks and their set back create the retention.

  • Do Tobermore have different types of Secura blocks?

    Yes, Tobermore supply Secura Lite which is used for low height gravity walls with a maximum retained wall height of 880mm and Secura Grand which is used for higher walls.  Visit our dedicated Secura walling website page here.

  • Can I cut Secura blocks?

    Good design and planning before construction commences can reduce the number of blocks which require cutting and save time. If it is necessary to cut the blocks you should use a masonry saw or bolster and hammer.

  • What are Segmental Retaining Walls? ( SRW’s )

    Segmental retaining walls consist of modular concrete blocks that interlock with each other. They are constructed without mortar and are used to retain a sloping face of soil. They have an integral nib at the rear of the block which automatically creates a set back as the wall is built.

  • Do I need a concrete foundation when constructing a Secura wall?

    In most cases, concrete foundations are not required and the wall can be built on a foundation of compacted granular material. Please contact Tobermore for more information.

  • What is a reinforced wall?

    A reinforced wall is constructed using either geogrid reinforcement or concrete backfill which reinforce the wall.

  • When do I need to use geogrid reinforcement?

    Usually once your wall height goes above 1.2m geogrid reinforcement will be required, although it may be required below this height if there is a high surcharge on the wall. Please refer to Tobermore Secura Guidelines brochure or consult an engineer. Geogrid reinforcement can only be used with Secura Grand and Secura Major.

  • Are there different construction methods for Secura blocks?

    Secura Lite can only be constructed as a gravity wall. Secura Grand can be constructed as a gravity wall, a reinforced wall or a concrete backfilled wall. See Tobermore Secura product page for full details.

  • What are Secura retaining wall blocks?

    Secura retaining wall blocks are blocks used to construct segmental retaining walls.

  • Is there a maximum height that I can construct Secura Lite?

    Yes, the maximum retained height for Secura Lite is 880mm.  The wall should have a flat toe slope, flat crest slope and no surcharge.  Wind loaded fences cannot be placed above gravity walls.  Please refer to reinforced walls.

  • Can I build a terraced wall using Secura?

    Yes, two lower height walls can be terraced instead of building one tall wall. The lower wall should be built first and then the higher wall can be built leaving a gap between the two walls. Design assistance should be sought for terraced walls as the higher wall acts as a surcharge on the lower wall.

  • What tools are required to construct a Secura wall?

    Small low height walls only require tools such as spirit level, rake, small club hammer, wheelbarrow, bolster and tamper.

  • How long will Secura walls last for?

    When Secura walls are designed, constructed and maintained correctly they should have a design life of 120 years.

  • What does gravity wall mean?

    The term gravity wall means a wall which relies on its weight to retain the soil behind it. The weight of the blocks and their set back create the retention.

  • Do Tobermore have a design guide for retaining walls?

    Yes, you can find a guide for designing retaining walls here.

  • How far do buildings need to be away from Secura walls?

    The distance from a Secura wall to the building doesn’t necessarily have to be 1m it can be less if no access is required to the building from the Secura wall side. The most important thing to remember is any building close to a Secura wall and all other non rigid walls must have foundations which extend to at least the same foundation level as the Secura wall to ensure the Secura wall is not supporting the building.