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Paving & Landscaping Trends

By Niamh Cavanagh
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More and more housebuilders are finding that an attractive block paving driveway and well-designed patio space is raising the value of their houses. So, in addition to marketing appeal, real margin can be added because the additional cost of these products is just a percentage of the total spend on groundworks.

With this in mind it is appropriate for housebuilders to keep abreast of the new trends in paving and how it might translate into added appeal for their new sites. Topics for discussion with a potential paving supplier should include; colour retention, resistance to efflorescence, hard and soft landscaping and of course consistency across batches delivered to site.

EasyClean Paving

The very latest development is a new EasyClean paving product which reflects the demands of consumers as they become increasingly time poor and as such are seeking out low maintenance products (also the trend behind new technology such as voice activation and remote shopping) that can give them more time. In home ownership this means consumers are looking for products that allow for them to spend more time on the patio with family and friends, rather than spending time cleaning it.

Tobermore’s Mayfair with EasyClean is a new concept that takes the work out of caring for paving. The Mayfair slabs are treated with stain resistant technology during the manufacturing process allowing for built in protection. The stain resistant technology prevents dirt or spills from penetrating the surface of the slab, allowing for them to be wiped away with ease.

EasyClean provides a unique selling point for housebuilders that want to set themselves apart in the marketplace. With first impressions being of such high value to home buyers, an outdoor space paved with this innovative product could add considerable  value to a property in the eyes of a home buyer.

Natural Look Paving

Another trend predicted to grow in 2019 is the growing preference for natural look paving, reflecting other style trends and a move towards greys and more natural textures. In response, manufacturers are finding new ways to create natural looking paving. At the entry level, texture and more natural muted colour is being used to meet these needs. There is also a trend towards concrete paving which incorporates natural granite aggregates in the surface to create the natural look which consumers favour but at a viable cost for the builder.

Tobermore produce a number of granite aggregate products in both slab and brick paver.

The latest development however takes these products to the next stage by introducing diamond ground finishes and even more sophisticated mixes of aggregates that emulate the distinct aesthetics of natural stone. Diamond ground products such as Tobermore’s Braemar meet both the aesthetic and quality expectations of natural stone for the higher end of the new build market.

These products bring added benefits to the builder in terms of reliability in supply chain, standardisation across house types and continuity of supply across regions.

Permeable Paving

Flooding in summer and winter is now a feature of our changing climate, so it is no surprise that we can expect SuDS to hit the headlines more often in 2019 as permeable paving systems are increasingly used to provide a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. Just last year, unprecedented levels of rainfall brought devastating flooding to areas of the UK, destroying homes, belongings and livelihoods. In the UK there is a growing acceptance that a more sustainable approach is needed to managing rainfall and flooding

At Tobermore the response has been to create more choice within our Hydropave permeable paving.  The trend in 2019 will be towards more interesting product styles along with additional laying patterns being designed, moving away from the more traditional rectangular paving laid in a herringbone pattern.

Tobermore have recently introduced Hydropave Fusion, allowing for the creation of truly distinctive paving patterns. Housebuilders and groundworkers are aware that the government introduced new planning guidelines in 2015 for the use of SuDS on any new housing site with more than ten units. From January 7th 2019, in Wales, all proposed new developments must be served by sustainable drainage systems SuDS which complies with the Welsh Ministers’ Standards and is approved by the SuDS Approving Body.


For home buyers in 2019, garden space is at premium, and as such, merchants should look to promote products that can enhance small spaces effectively.   Retaining walls can be used to separate different areas within a garden, creating the illusion of more space.   The beauty of retaining walls lies in their flexibility; these can be used to create raised beds, seated areas, and shelter for entertaining guests.  Retaining walls are both low maintenance, and easy to install, with most using a mortar-free construction process. Check out Tobermore’s range of Secura Walling here.


We are investing more in additional technical resource to service housebuilders’ growing demand for technical advice and support. The level of engagement between supplier and builder is growing as the manufacturer can add real value through assistance in site advice, paving design and technical expertise. With high performance paving offering the builder so much, we are in no doubt that 2019 will be a busy year for Tobermore.

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Niamh Cavanagh

Niamh is a Digital Marketing Executive at Tobermore. She is involved in the development, implementation, and optimisation of Tobermore's Digital Marketing efforts for both the Commercial and Consumer markets.