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Paving Trends 2020 – Mix and Match Paving

When it comes to specifying paving for your upcoming project, why settle for one hard landscaping solution? Push your creative boundaries by tapping into 2020’s hottest trend of mix and match paving! 


Experimenting with different sizes and colours of block paving and flags can create a truly unique and striking look. 

Mixing and matching paving materials can change the pace of a walkway, create a forecourt focal point or break up expansive areas. Let your adventurous side out through playing around with complementary shapes and colour palettes.  

Create the illusion of depth through Tobermore’s linear paving options. Pairing ‘Manhattan with its new plank-style little brother ‘Artro throws the doors open to creativity in layout and design.  

Tobermore’s extensive paving range offers shapes, sizes and tones to suit every outdoor space.  

Visit our Inspiration Gallery to check out some of the incredible installations that professional architects, landscape architects, and commercial builders have created on a wide range of projects using our durable, reliable paving and walling products.

About the Author: Roisin O'Kane

Roisin is the Commercial Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves delivering successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and support sales within the professional market.

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