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Specifiers! It’s time to get creative with Paving and Walling Creator

By Megan Reid
2 min read

Unleash your creativity with Paving and Walling Creator, Tobermore’s new professional online design tool. 

Specifiers, get inspired and bring your visions to life!

Paving and Walling Creator gives you the opportunity to play around with external finishes, in both residential and commercial settings. Choose from block paving, flags and walling products in your desired colour, blend, and layout. When you are happy with your design, visualise how they could look on a project by selecting predetermined scenes. Then, when you are ready to share your design, simply capture product and layout details in a downloadable PDF. 

With such a wide variety of products in various colours and laying patterns, it’s hard to know what will work best for your project. This is where Paving and Walling Creator can help. With our new design tool for professionals working on large scale domestic and commercial projects, you’ll have a better idea of how different product variations might look on your scheme – it can help you specify the right product first time.

How to use Paving & Walling Creator?

Use Paving and Walling Creator in a few steps: 

  1. Visit Tobermore’s Paving & Walling Creator
  2. Select from Block Paving, Paving Flags or Walling  
  3. Select your product, colour scheme and finish from the navigation bar on the left  
  4. Select your desired colour  
  5. Use the ‘design’ option to choose your layout pattern, size, angle and jointing options 
  6. Use the ‘blend’ option to add additional colours to your design – change the blend percent of each colour when choosing more than one colour
  7. View your design in commercial or residential settings 
  8. Once you are happy with your final design, a downloadable PDF will be available including your chosen colour, size, finish and blend percent 

It’s true, greys are here to stay! The current grey trend is not going anywhere any time soon thanks to its contemporary and stylish finish. For landscape designers, grey is the perfect versatile option with its neutrality complementing almost every colour palette. Paving and Walling Creator shows you just that. With its blending tool, Paving and Walling Creator enables you to mix various shades of grey in block paving, paving flags or walling together to create contrast and depth.  

However, it doesn’t have to be all grey. With Paving and Walling Creator you can add colour to your design and let your imagination run free. Simply use our blend tool to include as many colours as you like and watch your design come to life on your screen.   

Why not play around with complementary colour palettes, too? Mixing and matching them throughout your design can break up large areas and add the perfect finish to your scheme.

Paving and Walling Creator is the perfect tool to help you unleash your creativity and try the colours and layouts you have in mind. Try it for yourself today!

Bring your paving and walling designs to life

Visualise your designs in commercial or residential settings with our online Paving and Walling Creator tool.

Megan Reid

Megan is the Commercial Marketing Executive at Tobermore. Her role is to assist the Commercial Marketing Manager when delivering successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and support sales within the professional market.