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Experiencing Issues with The Availability Of Natural Stone? Tobermore Can Help!

When selecting the hard landscaping for a project, old habits often die hard. Some specifiers tend to rely on the ‘old faithful’ natural stone when considering paving materials. But given the current difficulty sourcing and supplying natural stone, perhaps it is time to consider concrete alternatives, which will deliver both the aesthetic and quality you require, without the supply issues and expensive cost.

Genuine Granite Aesthetic

If it is the natural granite look that you are seeking, look no further than Tobermore’s Braemar block paving and flag range. Braemar is widely recognised as the premium concrete alternative to granite. It is manufactured with natural aggregates that emulate the distinct aesthetics of natural stone. Available in two different textures, four size options and eight vivid colours, the possibilities for landscape designers are truly endless.

Not only will you fulfil your aesthetic and design aspirations, but Braemar also exceeds technical and quality requirements. View the Braemar specification sheet here.

Hard-wearing Surface Layer

Tobermore’s products are superior to typical concrete pavers as they are manufactured with  ‘PrimeTop’, a hard-wearing surface layer. Every block and slab undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process that improves strength, durability and colour retention. Tobermore’s PrimeTop surface layer contains a high concentration of pigment creating vibrant colour and exceptional UV performance leading to enhanced weathering properties.

Combatting Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a common unsightly problem with natural stone products. To combat this, all Tobermore products undergo an ‘Ef-stop’ process which involves extensive vapour curing, which dramatically reduces the appearance of efflorescence.

Modern Paving with Granite Aggregates

Tobermore’s Fusion block paving range also features natural granite aggregates and offers exceptional choice with a wide variety of formats, sizing and colour options. Fusion is also available in Tobermore’s environmentally friendly permeable solution, Hydropave.

The combination of sparkling natural granite aggregates and bright contemporary colours ensures there is a Fusion option for every project. Professionals across the UK and Ireland consistently rely on Fusion as their paving of choice due to its consistent performance and Tobermore’s seamless support at every stage of the project, from specification to completion.

Linear Pavers with Clay Aesthetic

Artro is Tobermore’s latest linear paving range inspired by the beauty and intimate scale of traditional European clay pavers. Available in seven colours ranging from cool contemporary greys to warmer traditional tones, including a striking clay-red alternative, ‘Autumn. The long thin pavers have the dimensions of 220mm by 55mm and a depth of 80mm which provides the perfect option for vehicular access.

Tobermore’s Artro range marries the aesthetics, colour retention and hard-wearing nature of clay pavers with the cost savings, availability and versatility of concrete pavers making it the perfect choice for architects and landscape architects alike.

Time to Consider a Concrete Alternative?

If you are currently experiencing issues with the availability and supply of natural stone, why not consider a genuine concrete alternative from a leading UK manufacturer and supplier, Tobermore.

Tobermore does not operate with a complex international supply chain, 99% of product raw materials come from their own quarry and all products are manufactured and dispatched from one site which provides customers with a streamlined service.

Tobermore’s natural stone alternatives Braemar, Fusion and Artro are cost-effective and available. To find out more email [email protected] From UK call 0844 800 5736 or ROI call 048 79642411.

Tobermore Braemar

Discover premium block paving for commercial projects

Braemar is a premium product and a genuine concrete alternative to natural stone.

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About the Author: Roisin O'Kane

Roisin is the Commercial Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves delivering successful marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and support sales within the professional market.

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