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Paving that won’t need cleaned as often

By Orla McGoldrick
November 19, 2018
2 min read

Tobermore have introduced a new paving technology to the UK market – EasyClean paving, paving that resists, repels and protects against dirt and stains.

Tobermore’s EasyClean is a new concept for the modern home that takes the work out of caring for paving. EasyClean flags are treated with stain resistant technology during the manufacturing process allowing for built in protection. The stain resistant technology prevents spills from penetrating the surface of the flag, allowing for them to be wiped away with ease.

By integrating the surface of the paving, EasyClean repels many of the materials which can cause staining on patio and pathways around the home. With first impressions being of such high value to home buyers, an outdoor space that can stay as clean as the day it was laid, with minimal effort, could set a house out from the rest.

EasyClean adds to Tobermore’s already robust package of solutions available to Housebuilders including Hydropave (permeable paving) and Concrete Facing Bricks.

EasyClean paving provides a unique selling point for housebuilders that want to set themselves apart in the marketplace.

With first impressions being of such high value to home buyers, an outdoor space paved with this innovative product could add considerable perceived value to a property in the eyes of a potential home buyer.

Stain resistant paving technology has been widely and successfully used across Europe and the USA for more than ten years. With innovation at the top of Tobermore’s priorities they have invested in a £4 million state of the art manufacturing plant, to bring this technology to the UK and Ireland.

With stockpiles ready to go, Tobermore can guarantee that your EasyClean order will be fulfilled on time. You can rely on Tobermore’s incredibly efficient delivery service to get the paving to site when required.

Tobermore’s delivery service meets its target 99.6% of the time. To put that in context 500 of the 504 deliveries scheduled for September 2018 were delivered on the date agreed.

Tobermore’s Mayfair paving range with natural aggregates is now available with EasyClean, proving the smart choice for the contemporary home.

Stains from muddy boots and gardening mess are never a problem for EasyClean Paving.

The inevitable  spill won’t end up as a stain either as most simply wipe away with a soapy cloth, similar to cleaning a tiled surface or worktop.

EasyClean is the perfect paving product for those who wish to keep their outdoor space as clean as the day they bought it.

To find out more about EasyClean call our sales office on 028 7964 2411.


Find out more about EasyClean

For more information on EasyClean and where to buy, please visit our dedicated EasyClean page.

Orla McGoldrick

Orla is the Consumer Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves developing and delivering marketing campaigns for the retail market across NI/ROI and GB.