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7 simple steps to maintaining permeable paving

By Craig McBride
1 min read

To ensure optimum performance of Hydropave permeable paving, Tobermore recommends following some simple maintenance guidelines. These are provided as a general maintenance regime but may be altered if necessary, depending on the specific paved area or any factors which may impact the paving. 

Hydropave permeable paving works by allowing surface water to infiltrate through its joints into the sub-base beneath. It requires much less maintenance than you might think, but some simple steps should be followed to ensure the paving is kept looking its best. 

Here are seven simple steps that we recommend to maintain your permeable paving: 

  1. Routine visual inspection. Visually inspect the paving at least once a year for ponding during heavy rainfall or following heavy rainfall. 
  2. Remedial maintenance for ponding. Brush or vacuum joints and replace any lost jointing material as required. 
  3. Structural maintenance. Replace damaged blocks and repair any rutting as required.  
  4. Maintenance of aesthetics of the joints. Brush or vacuum joints and replace any lost jointing material once a year.  
  5. Maintenance for aesthetics of the paving blocks. Brush blocks with soapy water and light pressure wash as required.  
  6. Weed Control. Treat with weed killer where needed. 
  7. Maintenance during the winter months. Apply de-icing salts as required during winter.  

Warning. Do not replace the jointing grit with kiln-dried sand as this will block the joints and prevent infiltration. Do not store materials which may clog up the permeable joints, such as soil and mulch, on top of the paving. 

Read the full Hydropave permeable paving maintenance guidelines here. 

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Craig McBride

Craig has been working with Tobermore for over 20 years. As Technical and Product Training Manager, Craig carries a wealth of knowledge about Tobermore products and technical information.