Summer Garden Inspiration

By Stephanie Bennett
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As the warm weather approaches, it’s the perfect time to refresh your outdoor space. From soft curves to multifunctional spaces, we’ll guide you through the must-have garden furniture trends of the summer.

Soft Curves

We’re seeing the move from super sleek and modern furniture, toward rounded corners and soft curves. Creating a welcoming and inviting outdoor space is key in 2024! Oval and semi-oval tables are leading the way in this trend, encouraging a more engaging setting where everyone can converse comfortably around the table. Round shapes aren’t limited to tables, they’re a big part of lounge furniture too.

Maze garden New York 8 seat oval dining set – £1890 

Paros Lounge Set – £1395

Marlow curved modular dining set with firepit -£3395

Monterrey 8 seat oval dining set – £2749 

Airy designs

In recent years, upholstered garden furniture has become popular, but its bulky appearance can sometimes make smaller gardens feel cramped and limited in space. The trend for furniture in 2024 is quite different, as we see the move toward more airy, transparent furniture. Wicker, rattan, and even transparent materials such as acrylic and resin lend a sense of lightness and openness to outdoor spaces. This airy trend will see your furniture blending in and becoming one with your garden.

Harp string garden set – £179 

Akira wooden garden rope folding sun lounger – £199.99 

Amelia 8 seater dining set – £1099.99 

Woven rope round dining set – £1695 

Multifunctional space 

Outdoor kitchen and bar spaces are gaining popularity as people seek to spend more time outside. Multipurpose areas that seamlessly integrate cooking, entertainment, and relaxation are essential for anyone who likes to make the most of their garden in BBQ season. Traditionally, homeowners have relied on barbeques for their outdoor cooking, but now investments are being made in gas grills, pizza ovens and even smokers. These appliances, along with smart features like wireless temperature controls and automated lighting systems, elevate the outdoor experience. 

Cosmo grill gas BBQ – £329.99  

Ooni multifuel pizza oven – £299  

 Forest Shiplap pressure treated garden bar – £499.99 

Big green egg – £1849 

Earthy Tones 

Scandinavian style is making a comeback in 2024. We’re going to see more earthy natural tones featured heavily in garden furniture. These tones add to the warm and inviting outdoor spaces that homeowners are trying to create this season.  Their soft, neutral shades offer a versatile foundation that complements a wide range of design styles and colour accents. Shades of rust, coral reds, and dark greens are emerging as the most desired accent colours to add a pop of colour to garden accessories, such as rugs and throw pillows. 2024 is the year of creating a space that feels just as cool and cosy as your interior. 

Brisa solid wood and taupe 6 seat set – £849.99 

Rust outdoor cushion – £19 

Sage Green geometric cushion – £32 

Cerney corner set – £999 

Hard landscaping made soft 

The earthy tone trend is making its way into hard landscaping. Tobermore Mayfair Oat paving slabs provide the perfect hue to warm up contemporary landscapes, moving away from the colder greys that have dominated the garden scene. Mediterranean patio trends remain popular. For a contemporary twist, consider breaking up large, paved areas by interlaying gravel or grass between slabs to create a chic, stepping-stone-style pathway. Try using our Artro linear style paving blocks in one of the beautiful shades from our warm palette range to achieve this look. 

Tobermore Artro Paving Blocks
Tobermore Mayfair Slabs, Oat

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