• Can I use a power hose to clean Tobermore paving?

    A good power wash will remove the majority of dirt and staining from your paving. Power washing gives maximum results in minimum time, a worthy investment for those conscious of maintaining their outdoor space. Make sure to angle the power hose and to keep the temperature at 30 degrees in order to prevent colour fading.

    However, EasyClean paving should not be power washed. Stains and dirt on EasyClean paving can be simply wiped away. See our guide to taking care of EasyClean paving here.

  • How do I remove moss, lichen or algae from Tobermore paving?

    Thick growths of moss or lichen must be removed first by scraping out the joints and then treating the area with a moss killer such as anti-moss paving cleaner. Anti-moss is designed to remove moss, lichens and algae. It is best applied in dry weather. After being applied it will take a few days to be fully effective. Once the moss and lichens have been killed, they can easily be brushed off. Anti-moss also leaves a residue in the sand joint which will help reduce the likelihood of regrowth. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when using any cleaning product.

    For EasyClean paving please only use products from our recommended list here.

  • How do I remove weeds from my Tobermore paving?

    Large weeds should be removed by hand and then the area treated with a weed killer (available from any good garden centre). Smaller weeds can then be treated directly with weed killer and these weeds should start to die within days. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when using any weed killing agent.


  • How do I seal Tobermore block paving?

    It is possible to seal block paving with a resin material which combats staining and weed growth and which also enhances colour and appearance. The acrylic sealer is sprayed onto the block paving and forms a ‘skin’ on top of the paving and the jointing material giving an easily maintained finish. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when using any sealing agent.


  • How long should spills be left on the surface of an EasyClean product?

    For best results and to make cleaning as easy as possible we recommend that the exposure time of any spillages is kept to a minimum and that they are removed from the surface as soon as possible after contact, ideally within 2 hours.

  • Can I repair the EasyClean surface if it has been damaged?

    Tobermore can supply an EasyClean repair product which can be re-applied in the event of the surface of the paving becoming damaged. Please contact Tobermore for details and always follow the instructions supplied with the product.

  • How can I take care of EasyClean products?

    It is imperative that the surface of EasyClean products is treated with care at all times to avoid damage to the coating.

    • Do not use cleaning agents which contain strong solvents or acids.
    • Do not use high pressure or steam washers for cleaning.
    • Do not drag or scratch metal objects across the surface.

    Regular brushing of the paved area will help prevent weeds, moss and algae developing. However, if you need to use a product to remove these we recommend the following products as these will not damage the EasyClean coating. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.

    • Weeds: Weedol Pathclear or Roundup Fast Action Ready to-use Weedkiller
    • Moss/Algae: Antimoss by Anichem, Jeyes Fluid or Amillitox