• How can I avoid waste when ordering Tobermore paving?

    To avoid waste, please ensure that your contractor accurately measures the area on site before ordering products. In Tobermore’s experience, dimensions taken from a project plan can vary significantly from the final layout.


  • How do I seal Tobermore block paving?

    It is possible to seal block paving with a resin material which combats staining and weed growth and which also enhances colour and appearance. The acrylic sealer is sprayed onto the block paving and forms a ‘skin’ on top of the paving and the jointing material giving an easily maintained finish. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when using any sealing agent.


  • What questions should I ask a paving contractor?

    Choosing a paving contractor is an important decision. Once you locate a paving contractor near you, you should ask these questions in order to make the best informed decision:

    • Ask the contractor how long they have been doing this kind of work.
    • Ask them to give you names of customers for whom they have carried out similar work. Give these people a quick call to check their level of satisfaction or, better still, go and see the work that was done yourself.
    • Ask for a written agreement before commencing work. The agreement should include a detailed description of the proposed work and schedule for executing it.
    • Ask the contractor to give you a written guarantee for the quality of their work.
    • Ask if they have full Public and Employer Liability Insurance.
    • Ask how long it will take and book well in advance. There can often be a lead in time of 2-3 months for this skilled service.

    At Tobermore we go to great efforts to create our list of approved paving contractors, ensuring only the best make the grade. Click here to find your nearest approved contractor and get asking those questions today!

  • How do I find a paving contractor?

    Tobermore have a list of approved paving contractors and we ensure only the best make the grade. You can find a paving contractor close to you here.

  • Do Tobermore have installation guidelines for block paving?

    Concrete block paving should be installed to BS 7533 guidelines or you can download here from our “for professionals” section of the site:  https://www.tobermore.co.uk/professional/resources/downloads/

  • What is the recommended bedding / base course for Tobermore concrete block paving?

    Concrete block paving is laid “flexibly” on a bed of sharp sand between 30 and 50mm deep. Concrete block paving can also be laid “rigidly” although this is less common. Laid “rigidly” means laid on a bed of cement mortar.