• Can I book an online design consultation?

    Yes, we can offer a FREE 30 minute virtual design consultation with a Tobermore Landscape Designer

    Visit the bronze landscape design service page and complete the booking form to make your appointment

    Prior to the appointment, the landscape designer will require a brief of your project requirements, photographs of your outdoor area and measurements

  • Can I see what my paving will look like when it’s been laid?

    Get an instant visualisation of what paving could like at your home with Picture It

    Picture It is a FREE tool which uses augmented reality to give you an instant visualisation of a new patio or driveway using your mobile phone

    Get out your phone and try Picture it today

  • How do I calculate how much paving I need?

    Get a quantity estimate for your project using the Paving Calculator tool.

    Paving Calculator allows you to create a rough design for your project and an estimate of the Tobermore products required

    If you would like to speak to someone about the quantities required for your project, get in touch with the team at Tobermore contact us

  • Do Tobermore have a list of Registered Paving Contractors?

    Tobermore has a list of Registered Paving Contractors. You can find a paving contractor close to you here.

    If you want to apply to become a Tobermore Registered Paving Contractor, please visit here. 

  • Do Tobermore provide samples of paving blocks and slabs?

    Yes, from our paving centre at Head Office in Tobermore, Northern Ireland. Get directions to Tobermore Head Office here

    In GB, you can request samples from Merchant’s stocking Tobermore products. You can find a list of stockists here.

  • Where can I find a list of Merchants stocking Tobermore products?

    You can find a list of Merchants that stock Tobermore products by using the Stockist Finder tool here.

  • Do I have to pay for a quotation?

    Tobermore’s price quotations are completely free of charge. Get in touch with our friendly sales team here to receive your free, no obligation quote today!

  • Do Tobermore provide home delivery?

    Yes, we do provide home delivery in NI and ROI. Please contact the Tobermore sales office here for more details or call into your local paving centre.



  • Do Tobermore sell Permeable Paving?

    Yes, using the latest technology, our engineers have designed a range of Hydropave permeable paving products which are both environmentally friendly and beautifully crafted, allowing you to create spectacular landscapes. They operate as a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) whilst retaining all the aesthetic qualities of the standard product equivalent, so you don’t have to compromise on style. Find out which Hydropave product is suitable for you here.

  • Do Tobermore sell gift vouchers?

    Yes, Tobermore sell gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are available for purchase from our paving centre at Head Office in Tobermore

    Get in touch with the Consumer Sales Team at the Paving Centre at Head Office in Tobermore to find out more here


  • How can I avoid waste when ordering Tobermore paving?

    To avoid waste, please ensure that your contractor accurately measures the area on site before ordering products. In Tobermore’s experience, dimensions taken from a project plan can vary significantly from the final layout.


  • How can I achieve an even blend of colour when laying Tobermore products?

    To achieve an even blend of colour when laying multi-blend paving blocks, flags and walling products, it is recommended to mix from three or four different pallets.


  • How can I make a query or complaint?

    Get in touch with the team at Head Office in Tobermore. Find details on how to contact us here

  • Do you have photographs of finished projects?

    Yes, we have lots of photographs of finished projects. If you are in need of some inspiration, check out our inspiration gallery here and take a look at some of the beautiful outdoor spaces that have been created with our paving and walling products.

  • What questions should I ask a paving contractor?

    Choosing a paving contractor is an important decision. Once you locate a paving contractor near you, you should ask these questions in order to make the best informed decision:

    • How long have they been doing this type of work? 
    • Ask for a written agreement before commencing work. The agreement should include a detailed description of the proposed work and a schedule for completing it. 
    • Can the contractor give you a written guarantee for the quality of their work? 
    • How long will the project take? Make sure you book well in advance – there can often be a lead time of two to three months for this skilled service. 

    Click here to find your nearest registered contractor and get asking those questions today!

  • Does Tobermore provide a landscape design service?

    Yes, we provide a variety of landscape design services. Find out which landscaping service would fit your outdoor space project here.

  • Do Tobermore provide a visualisation service?

    Yes, for visualisation services click here where you can submit the area you would like visualised.

  • Can Tobermore provide me with a quote for paving products?

    Getting a quote couldn’t be simpler. Simply choose the style of paving you would like and let us know the square metres of the space along with your contact details. Fill in the form here with your details and one of our team will get back to you.

  • Where can I buy Tobermore products?

    In NI we have a paving centre at Tobermore head office. For opening hours and contact details click here.

    In GB or ROI you can buy Tobermore products through Builders Merchant’s. Use our stockist finder here to locate your closest Tobermore stocking merchant

  • How do I find a paving contractor?

    Tobermore have a list of registered paving contractors. You can find a paving contractor close to you here.