• Do Tobermore have a list of Registered Paving Contractors?

    Tobermore has a list of Registered Paving Contractors. You can find a paving contractor close to you here.

    If you want to apply to become a Tobermore Registered Paving Contractor, please visit here. 

  • Do Tobermore provide samples of paving blocks and slabs?

    Yes, from our paving centre at Head Office in Tobermore, Northern Ireland. Get directions to Tobermore Head Office here

    In GB, you can request samples from Merchant’s stocking Tobermore products. You can find a list of stockists here.

  • Where is Tobermore Head Office?

    Tobermore’s Head Office is in County L’Derry, Northern Ireland. It lies 2.5 miles south-south-west of Maghera and 5.5 miles north-west of Magherafelt. Click here for directions.

  • Do Tobermore use renewable energy?

    Yes. Sustainability is not an afterthought at Tobermore, we are part of the landscape and want to ensure we look after it. This is why we have more than 1,250 solar panels installed, as well as our own 250kW wind turbine, from which 100% of the electricity produced is used in our production process.  We also have a rainwater harvesting system and our own borehole from which we take 100% of the water used in our production.

  • Do Tobermore sell gift vouchers?

    Yes, Tobermore sell gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are available for purchase from our paving centre at Head Office in Tobermore

    Get in touch with the Consumer Sales Team at the Paving Centre at Head Office in Tobermore to find out more here


  • How can I make a query or complaint?

    Get in touch with the team at Head Office in Tobermore. Find details on how to contact us here

  • What are Tobermore’s policies on recycling?

    We are passionate about recycling. In fact, 100% of our plastic waste is recycled and we are striving constantly to reduce our plastic packaging. 100% of our wood waste is recycled and 100% of our concrete waste is crushed and used in our mix for our products. None of our concrete waste is sent to landfill.

  • What products do Tobermore make?

    Tobermore manufactures concrete paving and walling for both commercial and residential products. Check out our range of paving and walling products available to homeowners here.

  • Does Tobermore provide a landscape design service?

    Yes, we provide a variety of landscape design services. Find out which landscaping service would fit your outdoor space project here.

  • Do Tobermore provide a visualisation service?

    Yes, for visualisation services click here where you can submit the area you would like visualised.

  • Can Tobermore provide me with a quote for paving products?

    Getting a quote couldn’t be simpler. Simply choose the style of paving you would like and let us know the square metres of the space along with your contact details. Fill in the form here with your details and one of our team will get back to you.

  • Does Tobermore have responsible sourcing certifications for their block paving products?

    Yes, BES 6001 & IS04001. To see our full list of certifications and awards click here.