Spring has Arrived

By Vanessa Drew
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At last, after the seemingly endless Winter, Spring has finally arrived! It’s great to feel a bit of heat in the sun and to see the evenings getting brighter. Snowdrops and daffodils are out in bloom and the garden birds are starting to build nests. It’s no surprise therefore, that we should be motivated to dust off the cobwebs and get outside. If you have a project in mind, this is probably the best time to get started.

At Tobermore, we offer landscape design services to help you get the most from your outside space and choose the best paving for the area. Occasionally clients tell me that they are redesigning their outdoor space for their own benefit initially, but with a view to potentially selling the house to downsize in the future. A well landscaped and tidy exterior will certainly add value to a property and help the sale progress faster. Prospective viewers can picture themselves living in the house and enjoying the garden. They can move straight in without having to undertake major ground works beforehand.

Historic Slab in Heather

The type of paving used can make a difference to the amount of maintenance required. For example, our Historic courtyard style slabs are jointed with a pavement fixing mortar which prevents weed growth. For paths or driveway, Shannon block paving offers clean lines and easy after care. If you would like a contemporary style, go for the

Mayfair Slabs in Silver

Clean, low maintenance paths and patio areas are great for children and pets, but remember to keep a balance between hard and soft landscaping. Including a small lawn and easily maintained planting can make all the difference to year round interest. Artificial grass is becoming more popular for small areas and for holiday homes. Its texture and colour has improved in recent years and it is suitably hard-wearing for play areas and dogs. Water features and ponds may look attractive when initially installed, but they are high maintenance and potentially dangerous for small children.  A simpler option would be a bird bath on a stone plinth. This would still attract wildlife without the maintenance and will also create a focal point in the garden.

Tegula block paving in Slate

If your garden is sloping or has a steep bank, you may wish to consider levelling the area. There are several ways to do this. Digging out the bank and installing our Secura Lite retaining wall system may be the most cost effective. It does not require any mortar and so is relatively quick to build. A retaining wall may be the most effective way to extend your level area. Alternatively, you could create level terraced areas with a sloping path leading from one area to the next.

We offer different landscape design services at Tobermore. If you are happy to measure your garden and take photos of the area, we offer a 30 minute design consultation free of charge at our paving centre in Tobermore – book a time slot online here. If you prefer, we can come to your house to see the area – we provide a design service for projects that involve one area such as a patio or a driveway, and another for projects that involve a complete overhaul of the outdoor space. With these two call-out options we will meet you on site, have a chat about the possibilities, measure the area and draw a more detailed CAD plan on the computer.

With all our design services, we will give you a full colour plan with the paving quantities required and a quote to supply the paving products. We can also suggest Tobermore registered paving contractors who will be able to give you a quote to carry out the work.

Spring is a great time to start a new design project. We can help you make the most of your outdoor space. With a bit of planning, you could be enjoying this Summer in your beautifully transformed garden.

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Our landscape design consultation service is available in a range of packages to suit all projects and budgets.

Vanessa Drew

Vanessa is a qualified landscape designer who has worked with Tobermore for many years. Being hugely passionate about horticulture, Vanessa writes an award-winning blog for an NI lifestyle magazine and is a guest speaker on U105 Radio and Q Radio.

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