How to make sure you never regret your choice of paving

By Orla McGoldrick
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When you’re planning a landscaping project for your home, it can be incredibly difficult to picture how your new space will look. 

Sketches and drawings are great for giving a rough idea of how a design could look. But when you want to get into the finer details – the colours, styles and finishing touches – a sketch or drawing isn’t always enough. 

That’s why we decided to create our Paving Visualise Service. It allows you to see a photo-realistic computer-generated image of your paving, right alongside your property. 

Using a photo of your home, we superimpose your new paving, including any finishing touches like planting – giving you a really clear picture of how your finished project could look. 

How the Paving Visualise Service works

The service is designed to be as easy as possible for you. It’s a simple three-step process:

  • Send us a picture of your driveway or patio area – we have a great instructional video that will help you take the best possible picture 
  • Give us a description of your project, and what products and colour options you’d like to see 
  • We send you your computer-generated image within 10 days (please note that visualisations are not produced to scale). 

It really is that simple. 

Still not sure if Paving Visualise is for you? Read on! 

3 reasons to choose the Paving Visualise Service 

If you’re not sure whether this service is for you, here are some pointers that might help. 

Generally, we say Paving Visualise is for people who: 

  • Aren’t sure what colour paving would work best at their property – or maybe you’re torn between a few colours and need a definitive way to decide 
  • Want to see how the new paving will work with the character and layout of their property and other elements in their outdoor space – such as planting and trees 
  • Aren’t quite ready for a landscape design consultation yet, and just want to explore some ideas for paving styles and colours 

 The big benefit of Paving Visualise is that it’s 100% bespoke to your project. You get to see exactly how your new paving will look at your home, helping you avoid costly mistakes or regretting your choice later on. 

 Take a look at the video below to see the Paving Visualise Service at work, and head to our order page to get started today.

Looking for some inspiration?

Take a look at our Inspiration Gallery, get ideas for your project and create your own project mood board.

Orla McGoldrick

Orla is the Consumer Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves developing and delivering marketing campaigns for the retail market across NI/ROI and GB.

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