Garden Trends for Summer 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a big year for gardening. Many of us used our outdoor area as a space to boost our wellbeing, for socially distanced socialising and to grow our own fruit, vegetables and flowers. So we decided to do some research to see what are the must-have trends for your garden in 2021.

Raised flower beds

Raised beds are a key trend this Summer. Not only will they save your back from having to stoop and bend over to tidy up your flower beds but it also helps to keep your flowers and vegetables up and away from pests like slugs. Tobermore Garden Stone Walling is ideal for making raised beds.

Products Used: Garden Stone Walling in Bracken, Historic flags in Bracken and Tegula Setts in Charcoal

Indoor Outdoor Living

Indoor outdoor living is all about creating flow from inside and continuing it outside. The garden should feel like an extension of the home and an easy way to do this is by using plants which can be kept indoors and outdoors like an aloe vera plant, begonias, fuscia or geraniums.

Products Used: Kingston facing brick in Warm Red

Grey is here to stay

Grey is a continuing trend into Summer 2021. When it comes to furniture, fencing, paving or gravel, grey is the way to go. With grey being a huge trend for interiors over the past few years, it’s understandable why this trend has trickled its way into gardens too. Key colours which work really well with grey are purple, pastel pinks and shades of pearl and white.

Products Used: Historic flags in Slate

Tiny Gardens

Not everyone has access to a huge garden with loads of room for flower beds or a vegetable patch. Making the most of whatever space you have is key and here’s some easy ways how:

  • Windowsill gardens – Having planters on your windowsill is an easy way to spruce up the look of your home and add extra kerb appeal. Add them to the windows of your kitchen for an easy way to grab some herbs and vegetables.
  • Succulents – They have many health benefits, like aloe vera they help to cleanse the air and remove toxins. They can be as small as 6 inches or as large as 12 feet tall so you can pick the perfect one to fit in whatever space you have available. Plus, they have the added benefit of being easy to look after so minimal effort is needed to keep them alive and thriving.
  • Vertical gardens – No longer limited to just flower beds or pots, a new trend taking over 2021 is vertical gardens. A vertical garden is ideal for anyone who has limited space and anyone who is a keen DIY’er. Easy ways to do this include, attaching pots or plants to a pallet, stacking interlocking plant pots on top of one another or just add simple hanging flower baskets.
Products Used: Historic flags and circle in Slate

Creative Paving

An easy way to make your paving stand out from the norm is to lay it in a different pattern like herringbone style. The chevron-like pattern is a simple way to add some extra style to your paths, patio or even your driveway. Tobermore’s Artro, Retro and Pedesta can all be laid in herringbone style. Another different paving pattern is known as basketweave. Basketweave is an uncomplicated design whereby you lay alternating pairs of vertical and horizontal blocks.

Tobermore’s Historic paving flags can be installed in such a way that the pattern looks random, with no clear recognisable symmetry or layout making it the perfect way to spruce up your patio or pathways.

Products Used: Tobermore Historic flags in Bracken

Grow Your Own

Another continuing trend from last Summer is the ‘grow your own’ trend. Many people took to their gardens last year after stock shortages and lockdown meant your garden was the only place you were really allowed to go. This Summer there are some new trending plants for 2021 which include the Swiss Cheese plant, otherwise known as ‘Monstera Deliciosa’ – this plant thrives in almost any environment, making it ideal for our ever-changing weather. Another must-have plant to have in your garden this year is English lavender. English lavender is in demand when it comes to landscaping and works well for edging along paths and walkways or borders.

Looking for some inspiration?

Take a look at our Inspiration Gallery, get ideas for your project and create your own project mood board.

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