12 Uses of Garden Walling

By David Thompson
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We help and advise customers who are seeking walling products for their outdoor space on a daily basis – some need walling for practical purposes and some just want it for aesthetic reasons.  If you haven’t considered walling for your home yet, check out the various uses this simple garden feature serves.

1. Privacy

Garden walling is an effective way of cordoning off your garden or back yard from neighbouring homes and buildings so you can create a private haven to unwind in after a long hard day at work. This is also a great safety measure for children so you can let them enjoy playing outdoors in the nice weather without the worry of them climbing into neighbouring sites. Our Lansdowne and Kingston facing brick ranges and Country Stone Walling are a great solution for separating private spaces as they can be used to build walls up to any height.

Products used: Kingston in Autumn Gold with Tegula in Slate and Tegula Setts in Charcoal and Natural

2. Noise Protection

Many of our customers who live next to a road or footpath incorporate garden walls into their outdoor space as a method of creating a solid barrier for noise disruption from passing vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Due to the dense concrete aggregates used in all our walling products, they can be used to aid noise reduction in these situations.

3. Retaining sloped land

Sloping areas in a garden can be nice to look at, however, they are not very practical and sometimes even quite dangerous when it comes to garden maintenance. The addition of a retaining wall means that the soil/gravel on a slope can be retained and supported and the top level can be flattened out to create a much more usable and attractive feature that can accommodate planting and decorative garden accessories.

We produce Secura Lite Walling for retaining land up to 0.69m high. Secura Lite is a mortar-free, dry building product and is fantastic for DIY enthusiasts as it allows for fast and easy installation. The tumbled, aged finish offers a charming rustic appearance and the combination of three block sizes makes it easy to create curved walls where required.

Country Gardener, a Tobermore approved paving contractor based in Northern Ireland, has used our Country Stone Walling to create a quirky focal point in a garden – this example shows how you can create a cosy outdoor haven right on your doorstep.

Products used: Country Stone Walling in Slate with Tegula Setts & Circle in Natural and Kerbstone in Charcoal

4. Separating areas

Garden walling is commonly used as a practical measure for separating different areas within an outdoor space. We have many customers who implement walling to break up hard and soft landscaping features, for example walling can be used to divide a paved patio from a grass area or to separate steps and paths from planting. Garden Stone Walling is ideal for this purpose as it is faced on both sides and allows for the creation of curved features.

Garden Stone Walling in Bracken with Tegula Setts in Bracken

5. Creating raised beds

Walling makes the creation of raised flower and planting beds possible as it provides a strong and long-lasting surround and thanks to the attractive range of walling products available at Tobermore, it can further enhance the attractive appearance of raised beds in an outdoor space.

6. Providing seating

Not everyone has the room to accommodate garden furniture in their outdoor space which often makes people think they can’t use the space for socialising but this is not the case. Walling can be very functional in smaller spaces (and larger spaces for that matter) as a seating means. This is why it’s a good idea to build garden walls at an appropriate height to allow for this.

Country Gardener has also shown how our Country Stone Walling can even be used to create unique bench-style seating areas that can be enjoyed all year round.

Products used: Country Stone Walling in Bracken with Historic Slabs in Bracken and Kerbstone in Charcoal

7. Shelter for entertaining

There’s no doubt that walling provides shelter in adverse weather conditions and when it comes to entertaining in your outdoor space, whether it’s a barbeque with the family or evening drinks with friends, this type of shelter is a great benefit.

8. Split-level feature areas

Many homeowners create split-level areas in their back garden as a way of making more effective use of space and breaking up different zones such as steps, decking areas, raised borders, grassed gardens and play areas for children. The likes of our Secura Lite is ideal for safely sectioning off split-level surfaces whilst also adding aesthetic appeal.

Products used: Secura Lite in Slate, Country Stone in Slate, Mayfair Slabs in Silver, Tegula Setts in Charcoal and Step Risers in Charcoal

9. Outdoor fire features

The popularity of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces has risen dramatically over the past few years and it’s not hard to see why – these cosy features mean you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round (and rightfully so!) and add instant style and character. Our Secura retaining wall products are successfully used as a surround for fire pits and the rustic beauty of our Country Stone Walling or the charming finishes of our Lansdowne and Kinston facing bricks are all fantastic choices for outdoor fireplaces. This hot trend looks set to stay around!

Northern Ireland based paving contractor, Greenhill Garden Solutions. shows how this can be achieved with Secura Lite retaining walling.

Products used: Secura Lite in Bracken with Tegula Setts in Golden and Historic Slabs in Bracken

10. Border for water features

Water features such as ponds and fountains add a certain feel of nature and relaxation to an outdoor space. But one thing these features need is a border to support them and cordon them off from other areas. Garden walling is the perfect solution for this on both a functional and aesthetic level. We offer some beautiful walling products that can complement any type of feature, whether you have a wildlife pond or a modernistic cascading fountain.

11. Solid base for alternative materials

If you would like a high boundary area without the feeling of being too ‘closed in’, then a combination approach of garden walling and fencing can be used. Our Secura retaining walls facilitate this as it is regularly used to create a low solid base where fencing is placed on top – this method creates a softer finish whilst still achieving a definitive boundary. Our walling products can additionally be used as a strong base for building piers or for supporting overhead structures.

Product used: Secura Grand in Bracken

12. Decoration

There’s no doubt that attractive walling products enhance a home. Our walling products are manufactured in a range of rustic traditional finishes and smooth modern finishes and in a selection of beautifully blended colour options that are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of any outdoor space.

Considering adding some walling to your outdoor space? Feel free to contact us directly for some advice or you can get a quote online.


David Thompson

David is Tobermore's Head of Merchant Sales IOI. With over 20 years' experience in the market, David offers a wealth of technical knowledge and design inspiration.

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