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This CPD aims to educate participants on Permeable Paving.

Permeable Paving can be used to create spectacular hard landscaping features with environmentally friendly products. It reduces the risk of flooding and pollution by allowing rainfall to infiltrate the ground naturally, reducing the pressure on already overloaded urban drainage systems.

By end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:

  • How permeable paving works as a SuDS solution
  • Design stages (concept, developed, technical & construction)
  • Common challenges of permeable paving
  • Maintenance and adoption
  • Appreciation of appropriate sectors for permeable paving
  • How to answer frequently asked questions


You can book a CPD directly through your local Tobermore representative or by filling out the booking form.

Tobermore CPDs can be delivered in person or online via Microsoft Teams.

Approx CPD duration = 40 minutes.

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