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Should I mix Tobermore bricks on site from various packs?

Tobermore produces facing bricks with excellent density and durability. All bricks are manufactured in batches using naturally extracted raw materials including aggregates, pigments and cement etc. To achieve their final appearance Lansdowne bricks undergo a secondary tumbling processes that distresses the edges and corners of the bricks to give the desired aged antique appearance. The process randomly distresses the bricks therefore some blocks may be more distressed than others will, this is completely normal and does not affect the product performance.

Whilst we have several factory procedures in place to help control shade, colour and texture within and between batches we cannot guarantee consistency. This is due to the natural materials used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, slight variations in the finished products is normal between and within batches. These variations actually enhance the character and natural beauty of the products.

To achieve the best possible finish we recommend the following advice is followed to evenly distribute any slight variations in shade, colour and texture over a large area.

When the circumstances allow complete one house / building by using bricks taken from the same batch. This is achieved by checking the batch code label displayed on the packs.

Always, thoroughly mix products from a minimum of three packs.

Where products are supplied in packs with vertical slices always take them “vertically slice by slice” this ensures that colours are distributed evenly.

When the circumstances do not allow the use of products from the same batch then it is extremely important to minimise possible colour banding /shading by always, thoroughly mixing products from a minimum of three packs concurrently with some overlap between deliveries / batches.

Mixing thoroughly from a minimum of three packs is of particular importance when installing single colours such as Charcoal.

We would always recommend that when purchasing products, especially in larger quantities, that they are all ordered at the same time.

Please note that the colour of new products will inevitably vary compared to those that have been installed for a period of time as weathering does take place.

All colour illustrations are as accurate as the printing process will allow. For a more accurate colour match please refer to actual product samples, which can be provided.

Colours and textures illustrated are representations and therefore should not be expected to be an exact match.

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