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Why we’ve put QR codes on Tobermore packaging

By David McAllister
2 min read

As part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, we no longer provide paper-based documentation on our product packaging. 

Instead, all of Tobermore’s installation guidelines, instructions and warning information will be available digitally, and accessible via QR codes printed on product packaging.

Why use QR codes?

Having come to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic, QR codes are now a common sight at hospitality and leisure venues, where information – such as food menus – can be delivered in a contact-free manner.

At Tobermore, we realised QR code technology could be implemented to make life easier for everyone who handles our product throughout the supply chain – from landscapers and ground workers to stockists and self-builders. What’s more, it can play an important part in supporting our drive towards more sustainable operating processes.

Here are four reasons why we’re saying out with paper documentation and in with QR codes:

1.  It reduces litter on-site

Inevitably, paper documentation affixed to product packaging ends up blowing around construction sites in the wind. It also adds to the waste that needs to be removed from site. With QR codes and digital documentation, we remove this issue entirely.

2.  It makes information more accessible

With the phone in your pocket, you can access the documentation at any time, with a few taps of your screen. Say goodbye to hunting for tatty paperwork every time you need to refer to product information.

3.  It’s more accurate and reliable

Paper documentation can become out of date as installation guidelines and building regulations change, but information in digital format is always current. When you access documentation via our QR codes, you can be assured that you’re looking at the very latest and fully up to date guidance.

4.  It’s better for the environment

At our production plants, we have reduced our waste-to-landfill to zero, with all manufacturing residue being recycled. We’re now looking at how we can reduce waste throughout the entire production process – from manufacturing, right through to product delivery. The implementation of QR codes and digital documentation is just one small step in this journey.

Part of our responsible manufacturing roadmap

Reducing our impact on the environment forms a big part of our vision and values at Tobermore and is something we focus on every day. Taking paper documentation out of the equation may be a small change, but it’s just one of a host of things we’re doing to make our operations more sustainable.

You can learn more about our commitment to responsible manufacturing here. Or download our corporate social responsibility brochure here.

Commitment to Sustainability

Discover more about Tobermore's commitment to manufacturing responsibly by achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its business operations.

David McAllister

David is the Digital Marketing Manager at Tobermore. He is involved in the planning, execution, analytics and optimisation of Digital Marketing activity to grow reach, engagement and sales for both the Commercial and Consumer markets.