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Tobermore Kerbs Have the Edge on Lead Times

By David McAllister
December 7, 2021
1 min read

While long lead times plague the construction industry, Tobermore has ramped up production of its Fusion and Textured Kerbs.

Material shortages and long lead times continue to plague the construction industry.

We know construction professionals are fed up with long lead times on kerb products. We understand the pressure this puts on your build programme. This is why, at Tobermore, we have ramped up production of our newly launched kerb ranges. 

Fusion Kerb and Textured Kerb are currently in stock and readily available for groundworkers and contractors who need kerbing for their projects.


What is Tobermore Fusion Kerb?

If you’re looking for a kerb with an exposed granite aggregate finish, Tobermore’s Fusion Kerb is an excellent choice.

Fusion Kerb features an exposed granular surface with a hint of sparkle, making it the perfect accompaniment to granite aggregate paving.

Manufactured from carefully selected premium aggregates, Fusion Kerb will add value and pleasing aesthetics to any scheme.

The Fusion Kerb range comes with matching ancillary products which are readily available for quick despatch.


What is Tobermore Textured Kerb?

If you are looking for a cost-effective decorative kerb, look no further than Tobermore’s Textured Kerb.

Textured Kerb is a decorative kerb with a shot blasted finish. It features an exposed granular surface and offers contractors a budget-friendly option. Now’s the time to upgrade from standard pre-cast kerbs, and with the textured kerb range from Tobermore, you’ll have a much more aesthetically pleasing product that’s also easy on the pocket.


To learn more about our range of kerb products, download our kerb brochure here.

Don’t settle for extended lead times on kerbs; choose a manufacturer that has the ‘edge’ on lead times – choose Tobermore.

Request a quote today for kerbs available with quick despatch.

Looking for kerb edging?

If you’re looking for a kerb with an exposed granite aggregate finish, Tobermore’s Fusion Kerb is an excellent choice. Available in Silver, Fusion Kerb offers you a cost effective, premium kerb with the striking aesthetics of a granite kerb.

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