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The Advantages Of Using Tobermore Facing Brick

By Craig McBride
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At Tobermore, we manufacture two concrete facing brick ranges – Lansdowne which has a warm, aged appearance, and Kingston which has a smooth, sophisticated finish.

Lansdowne and Kingston have been well received for housebuilding and commercial projects across the UK and Ireland, with reputable housebuilders and contractors successfully incorporating the products on numerous sites.

But what gives these concrete facing brick products the edge over alternatives? Let’s break it down…


We can guarantee consistency of quality as we use the best aggregates available to ensure we are in complete control of the main raw materials used to produce our facing brick.


Our facing bricks exceed a minimum crushing strength in excess of 22N/ mm2 and comfortably exceed the performance requirements of the standard. And what’s even better is that Tobermore facing brick will gain strength with age.

Advantages of Tobermore Facing Brick


Independent laboratory tests have been carried out and have proven that Lansdowne and Kingston are categorised as frost resistant (F2), offering high durability against the elements.


We manufacture Lansdowne and Kingston with three perforated voids in each brick. This provides significant benefits for a brick layer as the product bonds to the mortar on both sides and reduces the issue of floating.


Lansdowne and Kingston are produced in a choice of solid and blended colours which can be used to create complementary and contrasting features alongside our block paving and paving flag products.

Only the best Iron Oxide pigments available in the market are sourced to produce the distinctive colours. These pigments are manufactured to BS EN 12878 and offer excellent colour retention properties as demonstrated through completed projects that have been revisited years after construction and the colours still look as strong and vibrant as ever.

Advantages of Tobermore Facing Brick

More information is available in our Facing Brick Brochure.


Market-leading vapour curing technology is also used in the production process. Products are vapour cured for a minimum 12 hour period which significantly reduces the possibility of efflorescence and speeds up the availability of the product as the vapour curing ensures it hardens much faster than traditional drying-out methods.

Availability & Delivery

A notable benefit of our concrete facing brick over alternatives is the fact that products are in stock and readily available to order – avoiding the common issues of lengthy lead times on material delivery. 99.6% of Tobermore deliveries arrive on the day of request. To put this into context, 543 of 544 deliveries scheduled for February 2018 were delivered on the date agreed. This provides customers with confidence that projects will not be delayed.

Advantages of Tobermore Facing Brick

Want to learn more about using these products? Have a look at our Walling & Masonry Brochure and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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Craig McBride

Craig has been working with Tobermore for over 20 years. As Technical and Product Training Manager, Craig carries a wealth of knowledge about Tobermore products and technical information.