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5 reasons to specify Tobermore products using NBS Chorus

By David McAllister
3 min read

Manufacturers have a responsibility to embrace digitisation as technology continues to transform the way projects are planned and designed. 

High-quality construction specifications are important to ensure project accuracy and compliance. In light of this, specifiers are adopting digital tools for transparent, collaborative, and sustainable ways of working.

The evolution of specification 

Specifiers require accurate digital product information from building materials manufacturers. Recognising this, Tobermore is committed to providing the information specifiers need, in the format they require, by utilising NBS.

Gone are the days of trawling websites and brochures for the latest product information. Through NBS, Tobermore products can be found, selected, and specified on the UK’s leading specification platform. 

Enhanced product data via NBS Source

NBS Source is a product selection tool that enables specifiers to find the right products for their projects, without searching for hours.

By listing products on NBS Source, Tobermore provides specifiers with the high-quality product information needed, in a detailed and structured format. Product specification data is provided in the format needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Tobermore’s product listings feature the ‘enhanced data’ badge, which means the data meets rigorous NBS standards, with consistent properties and values, performance criteria and certification. 

Collaborative specification writing via NBS Chorus

NBS Chorus is a cloud-based specification platform that connects directly with NBS Source. 

From finding, selecting and specifying your chosen Tobermore products, NBS Chorus seamlessly integrates into your digital workflow. Now, with the click of a button, you can add Tobermore products to your specification without jumping between programs.

Tobermore NBS Chorus

Integrating BIM objects as you work.

As part of Tobermore’s digital strategy. Tobermore’s paving and walling objects are available as BIM objects on NBS Source. Specifiers who use AutoCAD can download DWG files, those who design on Autodesk Revit can download RVT files and designers who use SketchUp or ARCHICAD can download IFC files. Tobermore’s BIM objects hosted on NBS alongside our specification information, making specifier decision making an informed and easy decision.

5 reasons to specify Tobermore using NBS Chorus

  • Accuracy

Accurate product specification data is not only essential for decision making and meeting regulatory requirements, it also helps protect your specification. The specification information Tobermore provides via NBS translates to an overall tighter specification. Writing ‘water-tight’ specifications leads to less ambiguity and minimises the risk of value engineering. Therefore, by specifying Tobermore’s ‘enhanced data’ products via NBS you reduce the threat of misspecification and product substitution. 

  • Efficiency

NBS Chorus produces digital specifications in the correct format up to 70% faster than using other types of software and documentation. Tobermore provides clear, precise detail that can help to prevent delays and disputes, which is vital for a successful project. 

  • Accessibility

NBS Chorus simply requires an internet connection. Compatible across all devices and platforms, the specification and product data will always remain in sync and up to date. 

Tobermore’s rich, reliable content is available for specifiers online, anytime. Remote working via the cloud is possible, as is collaboration and the ability to record everything digitally.

  • Transparency 

Building safety legislation, decarbonisation targets and an industry-wide drive towards more accountability all impact how specifications are written. Using NBS Chorus aids transparency through an audit trail of decision making which is in line with the ‘golden thread’ ethos.

  • Collaboration

Through NBS Chorus, Tobermore representatives can contribute to their relevant section of the specification. Multiple users can develop specifications together, allowing for a quicker, more efficient and accurate process which saves time and money. 

Tobermore boasts a large team of specification sales representatives that are spread throughout the UK and Ireland. Your local point of contact is on hand to collaborate on your digital specification. 

Tobermore’s versatile NBS library has products to suit every project, including paving blocks, paving slabs, permeable paving, facing bricks, retaining walls, kerbs and edging. 

View Tobermore’s NBS product specification library

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