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4 Commercial Landscaping Trends we’re going to see more of in 2024.  

By Niamh Cavanagh
3 min read

Trends in the built environment are shaped by many factors such as the economy, material innovations and the environment. Spaces designed using hard landscaping such as paving and walling are created to last and meet the needs of the space for a long time and so designers need to keep in mind that products chosen to align with the trends, they choose to follow must perform both aesthetically and visually.   

We’ve chosen four top trends we think will be seen frequently throughout projects in 2024.   

1. Sustainable spaces.   

With the objective to achieve net zero carbon by 2050 being a key priority in the built environment industry, sustainability will remain at the forefront of project requirements for professionals specifying hard landscaping.   

The industry demands for products with reduced carbon emissions, and which ultimately benefit the environmental credentials of the overall space.   

Tobermore reassures their customers through dedication to ESG and a long-term sustainability strategy. Discover more in our Sustainability CPD. 

Tobermore has demonstrated its commitment to ESG dedication through establishing a Sustainability committee. This committee ensures that Tobermore continues to manufacture responsibly by achieving the highest standards of environmental, social and governance standards.   

Tobermore empowers customers to create low-carbon projects in a transparent manner by publishing Envivronmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all products which outline the products life-cycle environmental impact.   

2. Enhanced accessibility.   

Everyone should have equal and safe access to spaces, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, this extends to all applications, from public realm spaces to sports facilities.   

Landscaping, through design should improve the human experience for all. This can include solutions such as:   

  • Creating wheelchair friendly entrances and exits with the use of ramps.   
  • Designing clear pathways for the visually impaired by utilising tactile paving. Tobermore’s range of tactile paving indicates crossing areas, hazard zones and cycle-ways using raised designs to be felt underfoot.
  • Installing steps with delineated contrasting nosings for clear and safe indication of step edgings.   
Tactile Blister Flags


3. Constructed pattern.   

Patterns allow specifiers and architects to make their mark and express their brand identity.   

Landscape Architects often mix textures, colours and shapes within hard landscaping to make a unique statement.   

Tobermore Constellations is a range of off the shelf, readily available signature paving mixes to give your project a bespoke look with ease.   

Mix products, colours and even texture finishes to elevate your projects aesthetic. With 18 block paving Constellations available from smooth warm tones to textured cool mixes – there is sure to be a style to suit your project.   

Tobermore Constellations: Manhattan Pavo

4. Blending the built & natural environments   

Incorporating nature into man-made spaces to blend seamlessly is something we think we’ll see more of in 2024 and beyond.   

A few ways this can be achieved are:   

  • Using products which are designed to marry with the natural environment. Turfstone is a paving system with honeycombed cavities to facilitate the growth of grass. This flag paving is an attractive solution for rural or urban settings and SuDs schemes.   
  • Utilising natural tones and textures. Block Paving ranges such as Tegula or Retro emulate the look of natural stone in a more sustainable way. Their rumbled finish and range of blended and solid colourways make these ranges the perfect sustainable option to achieving the natural hard landscaping look.   

The Green Quarter, London is one of the most biodiverse and significant regeneration projects in the UK – a transformed landscape with wetlands, parks, community areas and acres of green open spaces. Tobermore Artro which demonstrates paving blended seamlessly with nature. The project was named as ‘most biodiverse apartments’ showcasing how nature and hard landscaping can work harmoniously.   


The Green Quarter, London. Artro Block Paving in Herringbone


Building into the existing landscape. Biophilic design isa strategic approach to integrate natural elements into the built environment. Tobermore’s Secura Grand is a retaining wall system which can be installed using a variety of methods. As well as being easy to install, this retaining wall boasts an attractive stone like finish ensuring it blends seamlessly with it’s environment.   

If you are interested in specifying or hearing more about how Tobermore products can elevate your project, get in touch.   

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Niamh Cavanagh

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