How To Clean Tobermore Paving

By David Thompson
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Hands up who wants to impress their neighbours, friends and family with their outdoor space? After a summer spent entertaining and dining alfresco, your patio area may be looking a bit unloved and in need of some TLC.

At Tobermore, we receive many questions asking how best to clean a patio or driveway area. With some of our helpful cleaning tips you can keep your Tobermore outdoor space in top shape!

How do you clean paving? Follow these simple steps…

  • Time to get the weed killer out. Applying a weed killer roughly a week before cleaning your paving will allow for the weeds to die, allowing for an easier cleaning process. You can tell when your moss and weeds have died as they will be brown in colour.


  • Next stop, sweeping! Sweep the area using a stiff brush to remove any lose stones, debris or old cement. This will stop any debris having an abrasive effect on your paving blocks; it will also enable you to inspect the area for any hard stains or cracks before washing.


  • You are now ready to power hose. A good power wash will remove the majority of dirt and staining from your paving. Power washing gives maximum results in minimum time, a worthy investment for those conscious of maintaining their outdoor space. Make sure to angle the power hose and to keep the temperature at 30 degrees in order to prevent colour fading, and make sure the power hose is on a light setting, so as not to damage the paving!


  • By following these steps, your patio will be looking just as good as the day as you bought it! However, make sure to complete these steps every six months to keep your Tobermore patio in tip top condition!



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David Thompson

David is Tobermore's Head of Merchant Sales IOI. With over 20 years' experience in the market, David offers a wealth of technical knowledge and design inspiration.

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