Five ways to do sustainable gardening

By David McAllister
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Everywhere you look people are talking about being more sustainable in our lives. Whether it’s using less plastic, saving water or making fewer car journeys, there are so many ways to make a difference.

For those of us lucky enough to have a garden, there’s even more we can do to support our natural environment and live more considerately.

In this blog post, we’ll cover our top five ways to do sustainable gardening. But first, let’s answer some commonly asked questions about eco-friendly gardening.

What is a sustainable garden?

A sustainable garden is an outdoor space that exists comfortably within its own ecosystem. It uses plants that mutually benefit each other and attract birds, bees and other insects.

A sustainable garden also stands the test of time as it continues to meet the needs of a family far into the future.

How does sustainable gardening work?

Sustainable gardening is an environmentally friendly technique to yield plants and products from your garden.

It involves adopting sustainable practices in your garden, such as using your own food scraps for compost and attracting pollinators that will help your garden to flourish.

What is eco paving?

Eco-friendly paving is designed and manufactured using various green manufacturing methods to make sure it’s produced with minimal impact to the natural environment.

Find out how Tobermore makes its paving and walling products sustainable here.


With that said, here are five things every garden owner can do to play their part in sustainable gardening too.

1. Go wild for insects

By adopting an organic style throughout your garden, you will encourage birds, bees and other insects to take up residence. This garden (called the ‘Nature Enthusiast’s Garden’) was created by Tobermore landscape designer Jane McCorkell for Bloom 2022 and featured a wildflower grass area and pollinator-friendly flowers. Bringing these into your outdoor space is a great way to encourage pollinating insects into your garden.

Products used: Tobermore Historic Flags in Slate
Products used: Tobermore Historic Flags in Slate

Jane’s design featured a patio made from Historic paving flags by Tobermore, connecting with a gravel path and shaped around a circular lawn.

2. Opt for eco-friendly paving

Permeable paving is the best option for homeowners looking for sustainable flood solutions. This paving actually reduces the risk of flooding as rainwater is absorbed into the paving, flowing through the surface, rather than running off into the drainage system.

This is incredibly important due to the rise in flash flooding in areas of the UK and Ireland in recent years, as old drainage systems struggle to cope.

Products Used: Tobermore Hydropave Textured Flags in Natural
Products Used: Tobermore Hydropave Textured Flags in Natural

What’s more, Tobermore’s paving and walling products are made using a big percentage of recycled content, helping them push their eco-friendly credentials even further.

3. Make an upcycled garden

From plant boxes, bird boxes, seating and tables, why not upcycle unused furniture and wood to create something new from something old? This is also an opportunity to explore your creative side and spend quality time enjoying your garden.

4. Use less energy in the garden

Why not light up your garden using solar-powered LED bulbs as a low-energy alternative to fluorescent lighting? LED lighting brings a more natural-looking outdoor light to your garden too.

Another way to reduce energy is to ditch your polluting petrol lawnmower and opt for a push or electric one instead. There are some great battery powered options on the market now too, for those who don’t want to be tethered by a power cable.

5. Consider the longevity of your design

It may seem like common sense but making sure your garden design stands the test of time as your family grows and matures will reduce costs and material wastage in the long run.

Planning and experimenting are key to successful garden design. We recommend you start by generating ideas using Tobermore’s Paving Creator Tool. You can browse our completed Homeowner case studies for loads of inspiration.

When you’ve gathered your ideas, Tobermore’s Landscape Design Team can help bring your ideas to life.

Book an appointment with one of our qualified landscape designers today and get your sustainable garden ready in time for next summer.

Need help with landscape design?

Our landscape design consultation service is available in a range of packages to suit all projects and budgets.


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