Getting started – considering tones and styles for your garden

By Orla McGoldrick
2 min read

We are often told by our customers that getting started on an outside project is the hardest part. While some people have clear ideas about colours, textures and garden features, for others it’s a minefield of choices.  

If an outside project is on your radar but you are at the very early stages of considering products and colours, check out our Inspirational Design brochure. 

This brochure has been put together to help you decide what style best suits your home and the Tobermore products that are available to make this happen. Each section takes you through examples of projects which have complemented their homes with a selection of cool, warm and mixed tone products from Tobermore.

Cool Tones – which products work best?

Grey tones are the perfect complement to neutral colours and the cool colour palette of Shannon Slate, Sienna Silver and Tegula Slate are great options for a modern style home. View our range of cool tone / grey block paving here.

Create a ‘cool tone’ patio using Mayfair Silver, Beaufort Natural Paving or Historic Slate paving. Consider adding a path linking this area to your home house and the rest of the garden with Sienna Silver Setts. View our range of cool tone / grey paving slabs here.

Tobermore Mayfair Silver and Sienna Setts Graphite
Tobermore Mayfair Silver and Sienna Setts Graphite

Warm Tones – which products work best? 

Tegula block paving in Heather, Golden, Brindle and Bracken have a warm, aged appearance and provide a vintage, cobbled finish, perfect for a classic style home 

Neutral warm shades have the added benefit of wider appeal and complementing most house finishes. Create a simple yet striking patio area by considering Mayfair Sandstone, Tegula Heather, Historic Heather or Riven Golden paired with Heather Kerbstone. View our full range of buff paving slabs and red block paving.

Historic Heather, Tegula Setts Charcoal and Step Risers Charcoal

Mixed Tones – which products work best? 

Tegula Bracken and Slate and Shannon Bracken and Slate are popular choices for those trying to achieve a driveway to suit a mixed tone setting 

The ever-popular Historic Paving range from Tobermore brings a rustic, traditional feel to a patio. Historic Bracken Paving can create the image of old style flagstones.

Shannon Slate, Tegula Setts Charcoal & Silver


Looking for some inspiration?

Take a look at our Inspiration Gallery, get ideas for your project and create your own project mood board.

Orla McGoldrick

Orla is the Consumer Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves developing and delivering marketing campaigns for the retail market across NI/ROI and GB.

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