Outdoor space trends to look out for this year

By Joseph McAuley
1 min read

As the new year is well and truly underway you may be thinking about how to improve your outdoor space. In this blog we will cover all the trends to be expected this year covering functionality, sustainability and comfort.

Sustainable Landscaping:

Homeowners interested eco-conscious living,  are increasingly interested in sustainable landscaping solutions. The utilisation of permeable paving not only reduces the environmental footprint but also serves as a proactive measure against flooding. Tobermore Hydropave permeable paving range allows water to drain through the joints to reduce flooding. Embracing nature further, the popularity of features like bug hotels is on the rise, contributing to the preservation of ecosystems. For a complete guide to building a bug hotel check out this article from our e-magazine, Step Outside.

Tobermore Hydropave Tegula Duo Heather
Tobermore Hydropave Tegula Duo Heather Permeable Block Paving

All round Planting

Gardeners are now adopting a holistic approach to planting, selecting options which are resilient to diverse weather conditions as the climate gets hotter and wetter. The resurgence of “edible gardens” where homeowners are growing their own fruits and vegetables, promotes not only environmental sustainability but have also proven to bring many mental and physical health benefits. The versatility of this trend allows for thriving gardens even in compact spaces.

Tobermore Garden Stone Bracken, Mayfair Sandstone, Tegula Setts Charcoal, Step Risers Bracken & Shannon Bracken

Technology Integration

The integration of technology into outdoor spaces is an ever increasing trend. Outdoor lighting systems are now controllable with a touch or through smartphones, allowing for customisable outdoor living experiences. Smart speakers can further enhance the outdoor entertainment scene, allowing homeowners to control music, lighting, and outdoor TVs, perfect for long summer evenings and making the most of the late evening sun.

Tobermore Country Stone Bracken, Tegula Bracken, Sienna Setts Silver, Historic Bracken & Tegula Setts Golden

Covered Outdoor Spaces

With the growth of available technology, homeowners now have the opportunity to become more and more creative when it comes to their outdoor space. Covered patios have transformed into multifunctional spaces with fully equipped kitchens featuring amenities like pizza ovens and fridges. This trend extends the usability of outdoor spaces throughout the year, offering a seamless extension of indoor living. Moreover, outdoor areas now serve as versatile zones, doubling as offices, gaming room or maybe even meditation / yoga rooms.

Tobermore EasyClean Mayfair Silver, Step Risers Charcoal & Sienna Setts Graphite
Tobermore EasyClean Mayfair Silver, Step Risers Charcoal & Sienna Setts Graphite

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