The best free, online tool to visualise new paving in your garden

By Orla McGoldrick
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If you’ve decided to revamp your garden patio or driveway this year, you’re probably keen to see how different designs, colours and styles of paving look in your outdoor space.

It’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you want to visualise your new paving in a large space like a driveway or patio.

How to visualise paving in your outdoor space

You could get a few samples of paving and lay them out to see how they look. The trouble with this is it doesn’t give you a feel for how the area would look fully paved.

Another option is to go straight to a landscape designer and ask them to draw up some designs for you. This is a great idea if you’re embarking on a major renovation project with a healthy budget. But it might be too costly if all you want is a quick idea of which paving would look best.

You could also look at a paving brochure, or view some recently completed projects. This helps you see all the different paving options in-situ, but it doesn’t give you any idea of how the paving would look at your property. Lighting conditions, nearby features such as trees and planting, and the style of your own property will all have an impact on the look and feel of your new paving.

So, is there a better way? Is it possible to get an accurate picture of how new paving could look, or do you just have to guess?

Introducing Picture It – the best way to visualise new paving

The answer is, yes, there is an easy way to visualise your new paving – and the best thing is it’s completely free and only takes a couple of minutes!

With Tobermore’s Picture It paving visualisation tool, all you need is your mobile phone to get an instant visualisation of your new paving. Using augmented reality, Picture It helps you visualise any Tobermore paving product at your home, and try out different colours and laying patterns too.

Here’s how it works.

  1. On your mobile phone, launch the Picture It tool and head outside to your driveway or patio.
  2. Take a photo of your existing patio or driveway. Be sure to read our handy guide below on how to get this right.
  3. View the Tobermore range, try different paving styles and colours, and see what looks best at your home.

You can also use Picture It on a desktop computer or laptop. You’ll just need to upload a saved photo of your property, or choose from one of the preset scenes to visualise how Tobermore products would look laid in a patio.

So if you’re planning a patio or driveway renovation project this year, try Picture It first and see just how stunning your new paving will look.

Can you Picture It?

No need to simply daydream about your new patio or driveway. Now you can Picture It instead

Picture It from Tobermore lets you bring your vision to life, at the click of a button and for FREE. Simply step outside to your garden or driveway, open the tool, snap a picture and play about with products and colours right at your fingertips.

Orla McGoldrick

Orla is the Consumer Marketing Manager at Tobermore. Her role involves developing and delivering marketing campaigns for the retail market across NI/ROI and GB.

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