Hard landscaping trends – greys are here to stay

Trends come and go and landscaping is no exception. The ‘greys’ trend is everywhere we look these days; in fashion, in homes (thanks Mrs. Hinch) and in exteriors too and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  

It’s also managed to creep its way into the paving scene and is a popular choice among consumers because of its neutral tones which complement almost every colour palette. Choosing neutral tones for your hard landscaping will ensure that your paving choice will add subtle style and kerb appeal to your home. 

Consider complementing the neutral tones of your paving with a pop of colour by adding some colourful patio furniture or fencing or use different shades of grey paving together to really create a striking outdoor area.  

Fusion Silver, Mid Grey and Graphite

Fusion and Artro both are available in a range of warm and cool grey tones with the mid- dark greys proving most popular. Artro in Carbon in particular, is becoming a popular choice for adding detail and interest to outdoor areas.   

Historic Slate and Sienna Setts Silver

If you don’t like the idea of using a mix of greys in your outdoor area, Slate is always a popular choice as its blend of light and dark greys gives a softer look which is less harsh than using different coloured blocks.  

If you are fond of grey interiors then continuing the greys to your outside area is a great way to help create flow from the inside to the outside.  

How to choose the right grey for your outdoor space 

  1. Light greys are often cooler toned and tend to work best in contrast with darker colours or to brighten up the darker exterior of a home. Add Sienna Silver to border Sienna Graphite or Mayfair Silver patio to contrast darker patio furniture.
Mayfair Silver, Tegula Setts Charcoal

2. Mid greys are the perfect classic grey. Neither to dark nor too light meaning they will go with almost any exterior surface/colour. A great starting point if you’re not quite sure what to go for. Slate incorporates light and dark greys so could work quite well here. Shannon or Pedesta in Slate would be ideal for a driveway or a Textured or Standard flag in Natural will work great in a patio area 

Shannon Slate, Sienna Setts Graphite & Silver

3. Dark greys are perfect when you want to create a contrast between a light exterior or like previously mentioned, they are great for adding details or borders to a lighter grey paving choice.  

Mayfair Graphite, Sienna Setts Silver & Secura Lite Slate

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