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Join this webinar to gain insight into best practice surrounding the specification of urban cityscapes. Part 1 focusses on Pedestrian Areas within public realm schemes. We aim to provide hard landscaping advice that supports a safe, inclusive and welcoming sense of place, respectful of heritage and suitable for rapidly evolving world-class cities. 

Topics covered:

  • History of Cityscapes
  • Challenges/Considerations of Designing Public Realm Pedestrian Areas
    • Adherence to Technical Guidance
    • Aesthetic & Quality Considerations
    • Inclusive Design
    • Respecting city character and heritage
    • Maintenance
    • Matching Pedestrian areas with trafficked areas
    • Slip Rating & Light Reflective Value
    • Sourcing materials responsibly
  • Streetscape Composition
    • Standard Footway Pavements
    • Narrow Footways
    • Historic streetscapes
    • Public squares
    • Kerbs
  • Design & Technical Support Service

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