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Inclusive Design for Care Home Residents, Staff and Visitors

Care Homes should be designed to be ‘enabling’ in terms of the likely impairments which residents may experience with increasing age and frailty. Many Care Home residents experience decreased sensory acuity. Their senses of hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch may have deteriorated over time which impacts the information they perceive from their environment. As it is may be difficult for some residents to notice details, hard landscaping design should be clear, straightforward and easy to distinguish.

We recommend designing hard landscaping with the end-users in mind, maximising accessibility and inclusivity for staff, visitors and residents. It is still possible to create beautiful hard landscaping designs which are familiar and not confusing for the end-users.

Within this webinar we will outline some of the key considerations when designing for a care setting:

  • Overview of the current care home market
  • Inclusive design
    • Level changes
    • Colour choice
    • Meaningful contrast
    • Glare/reflection
  • Steps and ramps
  • Design services

Approx CPD duration = 30 minutes.

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