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Attractive eco block paving with hard-wearing capabilities

If your project requires an attractive paver that combines eco and permeable capabilities, Eco Hydropave 240 is an ideal solution. Manufactured with high levels of recycled content whilst functioning as a SuDS system, this product offers large sustainability benefits.

The recycled content that this eco block paving product is comprised of comes from imperfect concrete units that will go unused otherwise. These units undergo a crushing process where they are condensed into recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). Following the removal of any contaminants, the RCA that meet our standards are used to produce Eco Hydropave 240.

Our Eco Hydropave 240 permeable paving is produced with a smooth, hard-wearing surface and is perfect for spaces where there limited permeable surfaces.

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Eco Hydropave 240 BrackenBracken
Eco Hydropave 240 BrindleBrindle
Eco Hydropave 240 CharcoalCharcoal
Eco Hydropave 240 HeatherHeather
Eco Hydropave 240 NaturalNatural
Eco Hydropave 240 BrackenBracken
Eco Hydropave 240 BrindleBrindle
Eco Hydropave 240 CharcoalCharcoal
Eco Hydropave 240 HeatherHeather
Eco Hydropave 240 NaturalNatural

The classic, brick-like shape looks great alongside contemporary and period projects, and the vibrant range of colours offers the flexibility to create distinctive laying patterns. Please see the specification sheet for more details.

Complementary paving and kerbs

You can use Eco Hydropave 240 with Tegula Setts & Circles and Pedesta block paving to create beautiful design features.

The product is compatible with a variety of Tobermore kerbs: Kerbsett, Kerb Large and Kerbstone.

tobermore kerbsett bracken

Our commitment to the environment

Manufactured with excellent rates of recycled content, Eco Hydropave 240 is made in the UK with locally sourced materials. Renewable energy and water collected from our on-site rainwater harvesting system are used in all our products. Eco Hydropave 240 is 100% recyclable.

Discover more…Scroll down for more product specification information, download the product brochure here or get in touch to discuss your specific needs with a Tobermore advisor.

Permeable Paving
version available
tobermore hydropave 240 bracken

Hydropave 240

Product Specifications

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Product Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Colours Carbon Footprint
Eco Hydropave 240 240 120 80 Bracken, Brindle, Charcoal, Heather, Natural 34 kg CO2/m2
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BS EN 1338:2003

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Hard Wearing
Surface Layer

Renewable Energy Icon

100% Renewable
Energy Used

Harvested Water Icon

100% Harvested
Water Used

Recyclable Icon

100% Recyclable

Frost Protection Icon

Frost Protection


Eco Hydropave 240
: 45 - 20 - 64 / 400

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