Unfortunately the product you were looking for has been discontinued. Please see the table below to view a list of our discontinued products with alternative options. Alternatively please contact us to discuss your requirement.

DateProductCategoryAlternative Products
13/01/2022Sienna SettsBlock PavingFusion (100x100mm)
09/11/2021Tactile FlagsPaving FlagsNo alternative currently available
27/10/2021ToberlocBlock PavingPedesta (80mm) or City Pave VS5
27/10/2021PemburyBlock PavingFusion (200x100x60mm)
27/10/2021Hydropave SiennaPermeable PavingHydropave Fusion Duo
27/10/2021Hydropave Mayfair FlagsPermeable PavingHydropave Standard Flags, Textured Flags or Hydropave Fusion
27/10/2021Braemar Step FlagsStepsMayfair Step Flags with Contrasting Nosing
27/10/2021Braemar Step Flags (Contrasting Nosing)StepsMayfair Step Flags with Contrasting Nosing
27/10/2021Textured Step FlagsStepsMayfair Step Flags with Contrasting Nosing
27/10/2021Bullnose KerbKerbs & EdgingKerbstone (190x160x100mm)
27/10/2021Half Battered KerbKerbs & EdgingNo alternative currently available
01/01/2021Anglesey FlagsPaving FlagsBraemar Flags
01/01/2021Kensington FlagsPaving FlagsMayfair Flags or Braemar Flags
01/01/2021KerbsettKerbs & EdgingKerb Large or Kerb Small
01/01/2021Engineering Quality Concrete BrickWalling & MasonryNo alternative currently available
01/01/2021AirClean® BraemarAirClean®AirClean Fusion®
01/01/2021AirClean® Mayfair FlagsAirClean®AirClean Fusion®
01/01/2021AirClean® City Pave VS5AirClean®AirClean Fusion®
01/01/2020LincolnBlock PavingShannon offers a contemporary design with an ultra-smooth surface. It is a popular choice for pedestrianised areas in developments such as supermarkets, retail outlets and commercial developments. Alternatively, our Fusion paving product is a modern, durable and eye-catching. Suitable for pedestrianised areas with occasional vehicular overrun – it is a great choice if you want a block paving product with a striking, modern look.
01/01/2020ChieftainBlock PavingCity Pave VS5 is a stylish block paving with a choice of three colours. City Pave VS5 is a hard-wearing block paving product with a fresh, contemporary feel which is perfect for commercial and residential use.
01/01/2020MammutBlock PavingToberloc is a heavy duty concrete paving designed for the toughest of environments. Its interlocking L-shape design provides stability under heavy loads, making it a robust, low-skid option for loading bays, car parks and other areas that need to support substantial vehicle pressures.
01/01/2020Secura MajorRetaining WallsSecura Grand
09/03/2018BallotiniBlock PavingIf you are in search of high visibility paving products for highway and parking facilities, have a look at our Marker Block product range which is coated in exceptionally hard-wearing heavy pigments, eliminating the need for painting and radically cutting down maintenance time, and is available in Black, White, Yellow and Green colours.
09/11/2018RomaBlock PavingAs an alternative, you may want to view our popular Tegula range of block paving. Tegula block paving is perfect for both modern or period properties. You can find Tegula deployed in attractive and durable driveways, car parks and pathways across the UK and Ireland.